The Raiders and Rich Bisaccia

Should The Raiders Have Kept Rich Bisaccia? And More Questions

Since the Las Vegas Raiders suffered a humiliating loss to the Indianapolis Colts, there are, to be honest, more than three concerns. However, I won’t go on and on about them; instead, I’ll just present you with three burning questions regarding the Raiders.

Did the Raiders mess up by letting go of Rich Bisaccia?

Well, how have the tables turned? Bisaccia deserves an apology from the majority of Raiders fans. The two things that Bisaccia excels at as a coach are inspiring his players and winning games. The Raiders were 7-5 after Bisaccia took over the previous season, but they are currently 2-7 under Josh McDaniels.

After the Jon Gruden fiasco, Bisaccia took over a club that was in disarray and had experienced numerous player-involved incidents. He persisted in his refusal to give up, kept the team together, and led the Raiders into the postseason. Retrospect is 20/20, but the Raiders are lacking precisely that: a capable locker room leader. McDaniels is not it since he has made numerous mistakes as a coach and has been informally criticized by numerous players. Given that this season has been a bigger mess than last year, Mark Davis is probably regretting his decision to select McDaniels over Bisaccia.

Which team is worse, the 2018 Oakland Raiders or the 2022 Las Vegas Raiders?

Within the past five years, the worst Raiders team has been the 2018 squad. They finished 4-12 and picked fourth overall in the 2019 draft, where they notoriously reached for Clelin Ferrell. Given the talent gap between the two teams, it seems absurd that this 2022 Raiders club might end up being worse than the 2018 squad. In 2018, the Raiders did not have any top-tier talent. Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook were their best offensive weapons, while Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams have been the stars in 2022. Just in terms of offensive talent, there is a significant gap.

The 2018 team’s top pass rushers were Maurice Hurst and Bruce Irvin, while the 2022 team has Maxx Crosby, who is obviously better than both of them. The 2022 Raiders are on course to receive a higher draft pick than the 2018 club, despite having a team with far more quality. The coaching and players have been horrible in 2022. Given the differences in talent and expectations, it is possible to say that the 2022 Raiders have done worse than the other team.

Well, what is next?

There is no definitive response to this issue, but as things become clearer, I would offer two things. The Raiders should be in full tank mode, and the remaining games of the year should be utilized to assess who will make the roster for the next season.

The Raiders’ record of 2-7 puts them in a great position to select first-class talent in the 2023 NFL Draft. It is precisely what they require because they are short on top-end talent. Therefore, considering the season they are in, going into full tank mode is the best course of action. For general manager Dave Ziegler and his future plans for the team, this selection might be quite beneficial.

For certain players, this may be the end of their time with the Silver and Black. It is time for players to earn their spots for the 2023 season. Ziegler and McDaniels have demonstrated that they are not afraid to cut players from the old regime and replace them with their own players. That is wise, but they need to construct their roster in a wiser manner, and it starts with an evaluation of everyone for the rest of the year. Don’t be shocked if the 2023 Raiders appear radically different because each of the 53 roster spots must serve a purpose.

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