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Looks Like Raiders HC Josh McDaniels Admits He’s Messing Up

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has had his play-calling and decision-making questioned all season long. The besieged leader did admit recently that he made a mistake during Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Looking at the big picture, that bodes well; a coach that can admit he’s wrong is one that’s learning.

Upon his arrival to the Silver and Black, most Raiders fans knew McDaniels from his time as offensive coordinator in New England. However, fans also recalled his disastrous run as Denver Broncos head coach more than a decade ago. McDaniels himself admitted he wasn’t ready and made a litany of mistakes while there. With the Raiders, McDaniels has been criticized by everyone from Raider Nation to the national media, with many calling for his head. The first-year coach has remained steadfast, preaching to his players that they place their trust in the process. Part of that process, however, is knowing when you messed up as the team’s shot caller.

Admitting a mistake shows maturity for Josh McDaniels

Sunday could’ve been a disaster had the result been different. Instead, the Raiders are still rolling and so are their playoff hopes. It wasn’t without its difficulties, namely McDaniels’ occasional tomfoolery. Responding to the media today, McDaniels he should’ve gone for the QB sneak on 4th and inches, instead, he went with a pitch.

“We had multiple calls there. It was kind of a pick your poison kind of deal, whether you want to go inside or outside. I got to do a better job on that.”

Of course, winning cures all. However, McDaniels’ decision not to draw anything up near the end of regulation could’ve cost him dearly. He had two timeouts and more than enough time for quarterback Derek Carr to take a couple of shots, but instead, the coach went full conservative. You can also point to him wasting crucial second-half timeouts in the third quarter; you just can’t do that. Nevertheless, give credit where credit is due; McDaniels isn’t that same arrogant upstart that coached the Broncos.

The Raiders’ head coach is slowly coming along. Slowly, yes, but surely.

*Top Photo: Official Raiders YouTube Channel

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