Raiders NFL Mock Draft: Offense or Defense?

2-Round Raiders NFL Mock Draft: Defense Or Offense Early?

Until the 2023 NFL Draft is officially started, the rumors around players will continue to change as we watch and observe the upcoming prospects. The NFL draft odds are already getting ready for the big event, but we will be using NCAAF analysis to consider which players the Las Vegas Raiders might pick in this mock draft scenario.

There are several considerations when it comes to the draft. The first is what the team needs to advance. The second is how much they can afford to pay—maybe a trade in which they give up additional draft capital. And the third is how soon they get to pick; if another team takes their preferred player, they need a list of other prospects to consider.

2023 NFL Draft: What type of player do the Las Vegas Raiders need?

Las Vegas needs a stronger defensive team. Jermaine Eluemunor is their current right tackle, and although he’s solid, we have to question whether he’s a viable long-term solution. Truthfully, he’s a better rotational or depth piece than your starter every week.

We expect the team to shift around, filling that starter position at right tackle sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, Eluemunor allows the Raiders to forego a tackle in the first round. This means the draft will likely aim for a strong defensive draft.

Raiders NFL Mock Draft – Round 1

Using the NCAAF analysis, the Raiders will be picking seventh, judging by their current projection. This means they will not have the best players to pick from, but they won’t be begging for scraps either. The best defensive player in the draft at the moment is Myles Murphy from Clemson. He is a defensive end and is currently ranked as the fifth overall prospect. However, Seattle is also after a new defensive player, and they need a man at the front of their line.

This makes Murphy their prime target, and because they are picking fifth, we can assume that the Raiders won’t get a chance to snap him up. Their next pick might be Kelee Ringo from Georgia. Ringo is a defensive back, and since joining the Bulldogs, they have won every single match in the conference.

However, Detroit will have the sixth pick, and they also require a new defensive player. Although their defensive strategy is improving, there are still some holes that need patching up. By the time the Raiders are allowed their pick, the last remaining strong defensive player is Paris Johnson.

Johnson is an offensive lineman. He is currently moving up in mock drafts, and his current position is left tackle. He has also played as a right guard before, showing his diversity on the offensive side of the game. So, while Eluemunor is a right tackle, replacing him with Johnson would be a great fit. Even if the Raiders keep Eluemunor, Johnson would make a great substitution or supporting player.

Raiders NFL Mock Draft – Round 2

Round two is where predictions become tricky. We know that the Raiders will need another defensive player to help close their strategy gaps; however, they aren’t the only team that needs a stronger defense. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans need defensive tackles. Carolina and Detroit both need defensive ends.

These are the teams with the most obvious needs, but there will be others who want to sharpen up their defensive strategy. Some would rather claim a player for their borrowing power if their preferred players have already been snapped up.

If Kelee Ringo wasn’t taken by Detroit or another team in the first round, the Las Vegas Raiders would claim him as their own. This means they will hope Paris Johnson isn’t picked by another team. That likelihood is low, so instead of aiming for something out of their reach, they will probably start looking at lower-prospect players.

For round two, they could aim for Andre Carter II.

Carter is a linebacker for the Army’s West Point Black Knights. He has been on the team since 2020, and ever since he entered the game, he has dominated it. In his first season, he created four stacks solo and 10 combined. He is an expert interceptor when given enough time on the field. This can be seen in his 2021 match against the Bucks. In that game, he recorded one interception, but it went for 17 yards, which was the longest interception of his career.

Carter isn’t likely to get picked in the first round as he is still considered a young player. Although he shows talent and skill, his lack of experience means he isn’t as experienced as his competition. If Carter isn’t available, the Raiders may look at Jack Campbell. Campbell is currently based in Iowa, and he is considered the best linebacker in the Big Ten. The Raiders aren’t in dire need of a linebacker, which is why this star will not be picked up straight away. However, the additional depth Campbell could bring shouldn’t be ignored. If the team lines up correctly, Campbell could start the first game.


We predict that the Las Vegas Raiders will choose Paris Johnson in the first round and Andre Carter II in the second.

The Raiders are looking to strengthen their defensive strategy; however, they aren’t the only team with this in mind. Luckily, being the seventh team to pick means the best players shouldn’t be taken already.

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