Raiders HC Josh McDaniels & Colts Owner Jim Irsay

Folks Might Be Wrong About Josh McDaniels Spurning The Colts

Las Vegas Raiders fans like to point to Josh McDaniels’ handling of a certain situation to judge his character. McDaniels was at one point a hot head coaching candidate back in 2018. Set to take over the Indianapolis Colts, McDaniels had a change of heart at the last minute. Many have been quick to judge him on his handling of all that, but as it turns out, folks might be wrong about what went down.

Dan Dakich, the once controversial Indianapolis sports radio host at 107.5 The Fan, recently shed light on this strange event. According to his inside sources, McDaniels’ change of heart stemmed from an incident involving Colts owner Jim Irsay. It turns out, according to Dakich’s sources, that the McDaniels family hosted Irsay for dinner at their home in Massachusetts. That’s well enough, right? But then things got weird.

“McDaniels’ wife made him pull the plug after having Irsay in their home in Massachusetts and observing his odd behavior. [It was] behavior that included being in the McDaniels’ family bathroom for a very long and awkward period of time.”

Albert Breer once stated that McDaniels’ decision was related to “organizational structure” within the Colts. Still, this revelation about Irsay is, if nothing else, hilarious. For those familiar with Irsay’s exploits, his behavior in the McDaniels household isn’t exactly shocking. What is a revelation is that McDaniels’ wife was allegedly behind the future Colts coach nixing the whole deal. In other words, McDaniels isn’t the “snake” that Raiders fans and media pundits make him out to be. Maybe.

Maybe McDaniels’ wife, Laura, didn’t take into account that Irsay is of seasoned age. Once you’re in your 60s, health issues are quite common, which sometimes includes spending more time in the restroom than the rest of us. Or, maybe, she just got a weird vibe from the Colts’ owner? Maybe a certain Raiders quarterback also once made it to McDaniels’ house.

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