Raiders DE Maxx Crosby & HC Josh McDaniels

Raiders DE Maxx Crosby Continues To Support His Head Coach Despite Fans’ Opinions

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has been criticized negatively and positively throughout the season on social media platforms such as Twitter. The issue is that fans aren’t showing up to the facility day after day to actually work with the coach. Much of the hate is coming from a misguided notion. It’s a notion that’s understandable following an underwhelming season. Regardless, McDaniels is often ruthlessly criticized. Players like All-Pro snub defensive end Maxx Crosby have nothing but good things to say regarding the fairly new head coach. During his appearance on Barstool’s “Bussin’ With The Boys,” Crosby was sincere in breaking down his relationship with McDaniels.

Maxx Crosby & Josh McDaniels want the same thing it seems… 

“He has a very specific way that he wants things to be done. He’s all about work ethic, all about going the extra mile; that’s how he approaches it, and I like it.”

At the end of the day, a team is only as strong as its head coach, who serves as the organization’s nucleus.

Some of the other stars, such as running back Josh Jacobs, strongly believe in the way McDaniels coaches and have faith in his process. Crosby said he’s had a great experience so far. He added that every time teams get a new coach, there are expectations and adjustments that need to be made. “If you’re halfway in, halfway out, you’re not going to last in the way he coaches… Like I talked about off camera. Me and him, we’ve had a great relationship ever since I got here,” said Crosby in the same interview.

This season, Crosby once again proved himself as one of the best defensive ends in the NFL with a total of 12.5 sacks, 89 total tackles, 22 tackles for a loss, and 35 quarterback hits. Strong stats come with a strong attitude and work ethic, which is something Crosby says he has in common with McDaniels. Someone who has also made comments about work ethic is Jacobs, as he expressed his frustrations earlier in the season after a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Looking ahead…

The upcoming offseason will be interesting. There will be a large number of players who must be re-signed. Let’s face it: this Raiders roster is going to look different in 2023. Plus, McDaniels and the rest of the team’s brass need to determine what to do at the quarterback position. The fact that players have good things to say about McDaniels is a positive sign. The majority of the hate expressed on social media is motivated by fandom. So far, you have yet to see any actual current player come out and bash McDaniels.

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