Raiders HC Josh McDaniels

Raiders HC Josh McDaniels Looking To Familiar Faces For Help In Bouncing Back From 6-11

The Las Vegas Raiders officially introduced Jimmy Garoppolo today, and with that, you can now begin to see a pattern. Like many coaches before him, Josh McDaniels is turning to some familiar faces for help. Players that fit the mold of what he’s looking for—a mix of being a “culture” fit but ones that also have familiarity with his complex offense as well. The fact is, he gave it a shot with Derek Carr, Darren Waller, and Co., but it just didn’t work out. At least now, McDaniels will either succeed or fail miserably with “his guys.”

Raiders HC Josh McDaniels getting his old gang back together…

Yes, familiarity played a part in the Raiders’ signings this past week. In particular, Jakobi Meyes and Phillip Dorsett, the latter of whom “thrived,” as one Raiders beat writer put it. Meyers spoke on whether knowing McDaniels and the coaching staff factored into his decision this offseason.

“I feel like when I first met Josh McDaniels he was just pushing me. Maybe at the time I wasn’t his biggest fan, but looking back on my career, he helped me grow as a football player and as a man. So, it definitely played a big part as far as me choosing to come here. I just want to be a better person and a better player.”

It’s interesting that Meyes felt he wasn’t McDaniels’ “biggest fan” in the early stages of his career. However, he was quick to shoot down any potential controversy. The fact is, Meyes appreciates what McDaniels did for him as a coach. Clearly, the respect is there, which surely is much to the chagrin of Raiders fans that can’t seem to stand the head coach. In addition, Dorsett echoed a similar sentiment, if anything a much more glowing one.

“His football mind is just out of this world, man. He’s really smart when it comes to football and just putting things together, putting game plans together, multiple personnels and stuff like that. Me and him have been close because we see eye to eye when it comes to football, and we’ve always stayed in contact. But it was just an opportunity that came that I just felt like me, personally, I couldn’t refuse. And I just want to come here and help this team win any way I can.”

A lot of hyperbole from fans says that McDaniels is a terrible coach. Of course, media with no first-hand knowledge loves to pile on. Still, these players who are joining the Raiders are raving about his abilities. Some will say, “What do you expect them to say?” which is an easy cop-out. If these players didn’t actually feel that way, why would they sign? It’s not that difficult of a situation to analyze. As Dorsett put it, he just wants to win. Isn’t that what this is all about? Regardless of which “way” it gets done, winning is what matters. If nothing else, McDaniels won’t have any excuses in 2023.

*Top Photo: Nick Cammett/Getty Images

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