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Don’t Expect Josh McDaniels To Show His Hand Anytime Soon Regarding Josh Jacobs

Las Vegas Raiders fans shouldn’t be shocked by how head coach Josh McDaniels has been handling the Josh Jacobs saga. Simply put, the man is “pleading the fifth” and isn’t about to reveal anything that hasn’t been put out by the organization. Like it or not, it’s a sign of the times.

With training camp in Henderson now in full swing, the buzz continues to surround Jacobs, who isn’t there, of course. However, despite the Raiders’ star running back sending out signals via Twitter, it’s been mostly business as usual. McDaniels is focused on who is actually suited up right now, namely the running backs behind Jacobs in the depth chart. Attachment to individual players aside, the NFL and the Raiders are businesses that don’t stop for anyone. You can add the league’s leading rusher from last year to that list.

When the media tried to get something out of McDaniels, the coach reiterated everything we already knew; he respects Jacobs’ decision.

“There’s nothing. I mean, again, I know Dave [Ziegler] and Tom [Delaney] worked feverishly with his representation last week to do what they could. And again, I’ve said it before: respect his decision to ultimately not sign that deal at that point. So right now, it is what it is. There hasn’t been much since then, since the deadline and certain things can change, obviously. We know that, but that’s obviously a lot of his decision, and I respect whatever he chooses to do; that’s his choice. I look forward to seeing him when we see him.”

This is how the Raiders and Josh McDaniels do business…

As most Raiders fans know by now, another big-name running back has signed on the dotted line. We’re referring to Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants. Still, that headline came and went with no movement on the Jacobs front. We did learn that he turned down a sizeable offer (at least to fans) and remains incognito from Raiders camp.

As far as any impact that Barkley’s decision might’ve had on Jacobs or the Raiders, McDaniels shot it down, making it known he has other things on his mind: “I was here doing a bunch of stuff, so I’m not exactly sure. The ins and outs of that, but anything can certainly change in that regard. Look, I’m a coach, and I’d love to have every one of them here, and that’s just obviously a preference of ours, so we can work with each player. But when that is, we’ll see.”

Say what you will about McDaniels, but he understands that distractions impede a team’s progress. The media will continue to circle around when it comes to the question of Jacobs, but that doesn’t mean the second-year shot-caller will be spilling the tea anytime soon. Expect McDaniels to stay the course; at this point, it’ll be up to Jacobs when he decides to return, if at all.

Deal with it, Raider Nation.

*Top Photo: NBC Sports/Boston

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