Raiders And GM Dave Ziegler Should Call Josh Jacobs’ Bluff

Maybe Not All Is Lost—Raiders And Josh Jacobs Looking To Reconvene?

Maybe not all is lost between the Las Vegas Raiders and Josh Jacobs, at least according to one league insider. Meanwhile, Raider Nation reacts to our poll: Will No. 8 be in uniform for Week 1?

Despite all of the nostalgia among old teammates from their New England days or the new vibe people are feeling with Jimmy Garoppolo on board, there’s something missing. Of course, you’d have to be living on the moon to not know we’re referring to the league’s leading rusher from last season. Jacobs, for his part, has not taken part in offseason activities with the team.

What’s going on with Josh Jacobs and the Raiders?

In a climate where a monumental shift has occurred with regards to NFL running backs, Jacobs is on an island right now. Figuratively speaking, of course. Despite talks between the Raiders, Josh Jacobs, and general manager Dave Ziegler not leading anywhere, hope is not all lost just yet. According to well-regarded insider Josina Anderson, the Raiders are apparently open to reopening the lines of communication with their star player. Still, there is no mention that this is reciprocated by Jacobs.

If you’re familiar with Jacobs, you’d know he’s teased on social media about his displeasure with everything. Despite their cryptic nature, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Jacobs isn’t a happy camper, so to speak. Even so, the consensus seems to be that Jacobs will eventually sign on the dotted line. At some point, you have to figure the two sides will agree on the elusive number; the question is when that’ll happen.

Raiders Add Another Multi-Time Super Bowl Champion, This Time On Defense

What do the fans think? Week 1 for No. 8?

While fans anxiously await the breaking news of Jacobs signing, we decided to gauge that optimism. Raider Nation is never shy about sharing their feelings on everything related to the team. As you can imagine, Jacobs has been another divisive topic at times. Regardless, our question to the Nation was whether Jacobs would be in uniform for Week 1 against the Denver Broncos. At the time of this writing, more than 70 percent of our readers believe he will be.

What say you?

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