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Dave Ziegler confident things will work out with Josh Jacobs; “We’ll get it done”

Las Vegas Raiders’ All-Pro running back Josh Jacobs is unable to sign a long-term contract until 2024, and, as you’d expect, has no intentions of signing the franchise tag placed upon him. The chances he returns in the near future aren’t looking good – well, that depends on who you ask. If you were to ask Raider Nation, most would agree with that statement. However, Dave Ziegler, the team’s general manager, appears confident some type of signing will transpire.

The Silver and Black hosted their Bay Area rivals from San Francisco to kick off their 2023 preseason. Prior to the game’s start, Dave Ziegler trotted onto the field to speak with fans and sign Raiders memorabilia. Signing things is always the easy part, but conversing with fans can often be a bit trickier.

Frequently, fans dive into touchy subjects that have many layers involved; the situation with Josh Jacobs and the Raiders is certainly one of those subjects. And, as expected, that was a subject quickly touched upon during Ziegler’s talks with Raider Nations.

Ziegler didn’t shy away from jumping straight into conversations about the team’s running back, either.

No worries from Raiders general manager Dave Ziegler when it comes to Josh Jacobs

Gilberto Obregón, a sports reporter at 8 News Now, was able to get a video of Ziegler conversing with fans about Jacobs’ contract situation.

In Obregón’s video, a fan told Ziegler he should give Jacobs at least $11 or $12 million. “Oh, I would have no problem with that,” the Raiders general manager replied emphatically. The same fan followed up on Ziegler’s comment by telling him to put incentives in the contract to boost the chances of Jacobs signing a deal.

Ziegler’s response? “I’m with you,” immediately adding “We’ll get it done.”

There were no minced words whatsoever in this exchange. Comments such as these are easy enough to politely smile in response to and move on, but Dave Ziegler wanted Raider Nation to know exactly how he feels about Josh Jacobs.

He wants a deal to get done, and so do most fans who cheer for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Of course, this exchange is merely verbal communication. What’s that old saying? “Actions speak louder than words.” Jacobs is unable to sign a long-term deal until the season’s end, but he can negotiate a separate one-year contract which will take the place of his franchise tag. It’s apparent both sides want this to happen but common ground has yet to be found. We know where Ziegler’s head is at, though.

*Top Photo: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

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