Raiders News: Trevon Moehrig, Cause For Concern?

Have Raiders Fans Seen Enough From Trevon Moehrig After Week 1?

Sure, the Las Vegas Raiders came out on top in Week 1 against the Denver Broncos. At the same time, it was as close to an ugly victory as you can get in the NFL. Among the struggles for the Silver and Black was third-year defensive back Trevon Moehrig.

Have Raiders fans had enough of Trevon Moehrig after just one game?

Raider Nation isn’t known for its patience; it never has been. However, in terms of Moehrig’s development, they’ve been as patient as one can hope for. The change in defensive coordinators and overall scheme last offseason clearly hindered whatever progress he was making. Coming into Year 2 under Patrick Graham, the natural expectation was that No. 25 would finally blossom. Now that we’ve had more than 24 hours to process Sunday’s proceedings, it’s still a mixed bag.

To his credit, Moehrig displayed some versatility against the Broncos’ offense. He recorded 34 snaps at free safety, 19 in the box, and five in the slot. The problem is that if you’re getting burned in coverage, being versatile is a moot point. He surrendered a 138.5 QBR to Russell Wilson, as the Broncos’ signal caller was perfect against him, going four for four and recording a touchdown. His coverage grade of 60.4 by the good folks at Pro Football Focus sums up Moehrig’s night in coverage.

As you can imagine, Raider Nation wasn’t having it.

Trevon Moehrig had a saving grace—the Raiders’ run defense…

As our own Ray Aspuria noted, Moehrig did have a big tackle to prevent a first down when it mattered. The key stop contributed to the team edging out the Broncos in Week 1. As a whole, the Raiders’ run defense was highly impressive. In fact, Moehrig, along with Jakorian Bennett and Maxx Crosby, each recorded three stops. According to PFF, No. 25 showcased a noteworthy 83.8 tackling grade.

The question moving forward is whether making a stop here and there is enough for Raiders fans. As the saying goes, winning cures all, but what happens when the winning stops? Visiting the Buffalo Bills in Week 2 might end up being the final straw if Josh Allen picks apart Las Vegas’ secondary.

*Top Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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5 thoughts on “Have Raiders Fans Seen Enough From Trevon Moehrig After Week 1?”

  1. Josh Allen can pick apart any defense…bar none.
    So…what do we do?
    We wont get many sacks if any so keep him bottled up but pressured as best we can.
    LB’s keep their RB in check as they have a good underrated run game and back.
    This leaves the DB’s to cover better but beware as Josh is super good at looking off the DB’s to throw it where he wants. Dont fall for it. Stick with your man and raise those arms if you even think the receiver is going for the catch.
    Who knows. We might even get a pick or two if we dont get faked by Josh.

  2. I’m more concerned with tyree Wilson staying in his stance for a full second after the snap while Crosby is already two yards in the backfield. WTH? That’s a huge problem.and it shows on his scouting report. Yes mowhrig is lousy and doesn’t appear to try but Wilson’s supposed
    To be a stud edge and he stays in his stance way too long.

  3. My main concern with Moehrig – similar to my beef with waller- is like waller he doesn’t appear to care. He appears to just be going through the motions at half speed. We need 11 guys with maxx Crosbys intensity and effort and I just don’t see it out of most of our guys. Mowhrig didn’t even try to knock the td pass away even though he could have at least tried. I’d rather see teamer or Pablo Mau out there at least they try their best and I cannot say that about mowhrig.

    1. I don’t think he’s that bad. What’s bad is his recognition of the offense after the snap because His reaction to the play/route is a lil delayed. If he can recognize things quicker He can make a reaction quicker. He needs to know his assignment and everyone around hims assignment as well so if anything is out of wack it can be recognized and EVERYONE SWARMS to the ball carrier

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