It’s Simple: Raiders Must Feed The Beast

In the Oakland Raiders’ Week 5 loss to the L.A. Chargers, it appeared head coach Jon Gruden got a little too cute with his goal line play calling. There is no other way to put it; if you have a running back whose nickname is ‘Beast Mode’ it would be plausible to actually use him in situations where a beastly running back is needed. Continue reading It’s Simple: Raiders Must Feed The Beast

The Power of Influence: FamF1rst

Tennyson High School, Hayward, CA, varsity football, and basketball coach Anthony (AJ) Jackson is a resource for his Bay Area communities and all young people in need of help.
Coach Jackson works primarily in the East Bay community as a Dropout Prevention Coordinator at Cal-State East Bay located in the Hayward Hills but that’s just his day job. Jackson is the CEO of Athlete Services.

Jackson, a self-described resource for the Fam 1st Family Foundation founded by Marshawn Lynch, Josh Johnson, and Marcus Peters. The goal is empowerment and education of underprivileged youth and giving back to the city of Oakland and in general. “We decided this is for them. It’s a reminder, a value system, we used to say we put our family first do you?” Continue reading The Power of Influence: FamF1rst