Raiders’ legend Rich Gannon’s thoughts on relocation

Everyone on social media is sharing their thoughts on the news regarding the Oakland Raiders’ news about moving to Las Vegas, but Raiders’ great Rich Gannon shared his thoughts with a message of understanding and reconciliation for the team’s native fans via his Twitter account today.

The quarterback who bled Silver and Black for then-owner Al Davis was sympathetic to the concerns of Oakland fans who rightfully feel cheated after losing their beloved franchise. At the same time though, Gannon realizes like many of us that the Raiders a brand that extends beyond the city limits of Oakland more so than probably any other team in the NFL.

After much political and financial debate, the vote came down today at the NFL owner’s meeting in Phoenix. However, as NBC’s Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith reported; the relocation situation will be interesting at the very least.

They won’t become the Las Vegas Raiders immediately, as the team plans to continue playing in Oakland at least for the 2017 season and probably for 2018 as well, while the new stadium is built. That will create an awkward situation where the home fans are cheering for a team that is about to pack up and leave. -NBC’s Michael David Smith

Many on social media were quick to compare this situation to the Baltimore Colts leaving for Indianapolis but as Gannon pointed out Raider Nation is truly a nation and it will follow its loyally no matter where it goes, in his opinion at least.

It will be interesting to see what next season looks like at the Coliseum what with all this relocation talk no official and no longer rumors or speculation, dark days for the fans in Oakland but as Gannon believes; Raider Nation will live on.

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