Raiders’ move to Las Vegas gets approval in Phoenix

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Sports news has been dominated the last 48 hours with word coming out of the NFL owners’ meeting in Phoenix, AZ that the Oakland Raiders have gotten the final “okay” to relocate to Las Vegas, NV.

Many people associated with the Silver and Black have weighed in on the news, from former players to executives; among them, former CEO Amy Trask.

“The organization’s desire to move has been evident for several years. It devoted tremendous resources to pursuing relocation to Los Angeles and when that dream was dashed, turned those resources to Las Vegas”

-said Amy Trask, former Raiders CEO

Many fans will remember the attempts by then-owner Al Davis to keep the team in Los Angeles and build a new stadium; those ambitions were crushed however. Additionally, in the last few years the team was linked to the possibility of a stadium in Carson, CA as well as downtown Los Angeles but that never came to fruition, instead the Rams and Chargers moved to Los Angeles.

Beyond the political and economical ramifications of this move we have the state of Raider Nation in mind.

Oakland fans are furious, and rightfully so, but as the deal moves forward it will undoubtedly leave a sour taste as the team prepares to play its last two seasons in Oakland.

“My heart is with those fans whose hearts are broken and I also wish the best for all Raiders fans wherever they are and I always will”

– said Amy Trask on her feelings towards the devasted fans in Oakland

Many of us share the sentiments of Ms. Trask towards Bay area fans but unfortunately, life will go on, and now it will go on without the Raiders in Oakland.

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