The Raiders will be covered in the “Green, Red and White” once again

The NFL has made it official after releasing the schedule for the 2017 season that the Raiders are playing in Mexico in back to back years after a ten-year absence and Raider Nation is excited about it. They will play at the Azteca Stadium on Nov. 19, 2017 against the New England Patriots.

Raiders fans in Mexico are talking about it, whether it’s at work, at the gym or the barbershop, you can feel the excitement in the air. Moreover, their opponent will be the New England Patriots, arguably, the most polarizing team in the NFL. Last year, the Raiders delighted the Mexican audience with an exquisite game and a score of 27-20 against the Houston Texans.

Last year, the Raiders sold out (just like the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49’s did back in 2005),  and this year seems to be no different as the Raiders have positioned themselves to contend for years to come and even make it to the Super Bowl. Likewise, beating the Patriots will be no easy task as they will start the season as the defending Super Bowl champs, it might even be the biggest challenge the Raiders will have to face in the 2017 season.

Raider Nation in Mexico is soaring and looking forward to living and breathing the Silver and Black for one day in a game that promises to be an instant classic. Similarly, this might be the start of a yearly tradition, a tradition of Silver and Black in Mexico every year.

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