Frank Clark’s forte is football, not apologizing

Frank Clark keeps digging himself into a hole


Frank Clark had a fine campaign for the Seattle Seahawks last year; he amassed 10 sacks and was even voted sixth overall defensive end in the Bleacher Report’s NFL 1000 series.

However, when it comes his personal life and how he affects others with his lack of insensibility, he fails miserably.

Earlier this week, Natalie Weiner of the Bleacher Report made a comment about him in relation to Greg Hardy and the issue of domestic violence. It was just a comment, a reference to something that happened in the past, to which Clark answered:

Eventually, he apologized with both the most generic and insincere statement ever. It was so insincere that he actually liked some of the messages that supported his misogynistic views:

After this was pointed out, he finally apologized to the woman he had disrespected:

Other than being called into Pete Carroll’s office, there might not be other repercussions. That however, doesn’t give him the right to insult or hurt anybody with his comments. Players can have an opinion about anything as long as their points of view don’t insult, hurt or discriminate others physically or mentally.

Although some players have enlightening points of view about racehuman relationships and fine arts, Frank Clark is not one of them. He should focus on what he does best, which is playing football.


“Some football players are better off not saying anything..”

-Carlos Sanchez, Co-Editor,


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