Tom Brady next Madden Curse Victim?

NFL News: Tom Brady has been named Cover Athlete for Madden 18. is reporting that EA Sports has officially made Tom Brady their cover athlete for Madden 18. This is the second time in a row a New England Patriot has adorned the Madden cover. Last year, it was tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was officially placed on injured reserve on December 3rd last season.

Coincidence? I think not.

NFL News: Tom Brady has been named Cover Athlete for Madden

Now to be clear, this article is mainly “tongue in cheek”. So I am warning you in advance, because I do not ever wish an injury on any player, even if it’s on the hated Patriots. That said, I believe the Madden curse is real. Which subsequently means I hope no Raider ever is on that cover except Madden himself!

The Madden Curse!

The Madden Curse has its own gaming wiki page linked here and it is honestly downright frightening.

Players who have appeared on the cover in subsequent years have generally failed to reproduce their success of the previous years, for a variety of reasons. In total, the 23 cover players since 1999 had a total of 110 Pro Bowl appearances prior to their Madden cover appearances, compared with just 25 Pro Bowl appearances afterward.

For someone who is a stat hound like me, that one was disturbing.

Tom Brady though, decided to double down, er triple down on the curse in a video response to being named to the cover.

Yep he is doomed!!

I can’t stop thinking of that scene in Final Destination where Tony Todd’s character says,


I understand that sometimes you have to “Poke the Bear”, I really do, Brady has taken years of everything defenses can throw at him and has five rings to show for it. Maybe after all these years he is starting to feel invincible. However, he will be 40 when the season starts. And the human body usually cannot take the abuse at that age that it did at 20. Also, here in the south, we have another cliché.

“Hold my Beer”.

After what happened to Gronk last year and after being on the Madden cover, it seems Brady is having a “Hold my Beer” “Challenge accepted” moment.

I just hope he is healthy and playing when the Oakland Raiders host the Patriots in Mexico this November. I don’t want there to be any excuses.

Because the Curse is real!

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