Raiders K: Sebastian Janikowski

Sebastian Janikowski: “I’m just here so I wont get fined”

Sebastian Janikowski, affectionately known as “SeaBass”, was thoroughly enjoying his candid moment at the podium yesterday. Day two of Raiders mini-camp had just wrapped up when the Polish Rocket stepped up to the mic.

“I’m just here so I wont get fined”

Sebastian Janikowski was the 17th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft and has played his entire career with the Oakland Raiders, making him the only current player who was on the Roster for the Raiders in Super Bowl 37. To put this in context, he has played for nine head coaches and played 268 games going into his 18th NFL season; he holds the Raiders record for games played, field goal accuracy, and points scored. He also holds the NFL record for most 50+ yard field goals.

In addition to all that, he has shown zero signs of slowing down. SeaBass has a career field goal percentage of 80.4% and has exceeded that in seven of the last eight seasons and the last three straight.

When asked how long he would like to play for the Raiders he responded,

“Until they kick me out” – Janikowski on how long he would like to play

Not tossed out, or thrown out, but “kicked” out. A true kicker to the core.

In fact, he made it known he would like to be the kicker when the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

“I hope so, that’s my goal” – Janikowski on playing in Las Vegas

One thing was obvious though from the presser.

Special Team’s Coach Brad Seely.

Seely seems to have had a major impact on Janikowski. Since Seely joined the Raiders coaching staff, SeaBass has cut weight, toned up, and has put in the work. Seely even has Janikowski watching film, something he says he only started to do since Seely joined the staff.

The last thing to really jump out at me in all this was his feelings on the team. To him, the playoffs are not good enough, and he feels this team should win a championship.

“The goal is to win the whole thing”

You can watch the entire press conference here

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