Richard Sherman’s wrong as quarterbacks shouldn’t be treated differently

Quarterbacks should not receive special attention

Earlier this week and after an accurate depiction of the chemistry in the Seattle Seahawks locker room by Seth Wickersham, Richard Sherman in an open press conference said something interesting about Russell Wilson and quarterbacks being treated differently.

Sherman told reporters that “the Patriots probably think Tom Brady gets treated differently than everybody else.’ But it would be a legitimate claim. You could make a legitimate claim, you could make this exact same story out of just about any of the teams in the playoffs and a couple that weren’t in the playoffs last year.”

He’s implying that quarterbacks get privileges and special treatment and he’s wrong because quarterbacks should never receive special treatment under any circumstances, quite the contrary as they lead with example, they’re the captains of a team and have to act accordingly. Most of the time, NFL franchises will go as far as their quarterback takes them; there are exceptions such as the 2000 Baltimore Ravens or the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but generally speaking, teams will live and die with their quarterbacks so they have to be the ones that work the hardest.

Ask the Rams, Texans, and Browns how it has worked out for them without a “Franchise Quarterback”.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is a hard worker and even though he could be slacking, he continues polishing his craft. He said via the Raiders official website that “Numbers, and awards, and all that stuff, can be what it is, I just want to make sure that every day I’m coming out here, I’m working my tail off so that I do get better, because the ultimate goal is winning the Super Bowl, that’s the ultimate goal, and once we do that, I’m sure I’ll find something I did wrong that season, [and] fix those things.”

Carr’s determination, conviction, work ethic and his drive to be better for team success is what makes other players follow him; signs of a true leader, not of a person that gets special treatment by his coaches. Other great quarterbacks such as Drew Brees and Tom Brady do the same and are even called out by their coaches.

Jenny Ventras of the MMQB asked her readers to “Imagine being a new player in the Patriots’ organization and going to your first meeting. Much to your surprise, the head coach has scoured the film and found the worst pass that his four-time Super Bowl champion threw last season—and he’s showing it to the team, letting it be known to all that he needs better play from the quarterback position. The coach suggests he could find a replacement down the road at Foxborough High, but Brady doesn’t blink.”

Back in 2011 and during the NFL lockout, Drew Brees paid players to attend practices, he took care of their expenses, insurance and everything that needed to be paid for; thirty-seven showed up, contracted and free-agents alike. Jeff Duncan of said that “The showing is a testament to the character and commitment of the Saints’ players” and that “It’s also an homage to the force of Brees. Similarly, Duncan pointed out that “Although several teammates helped organize and coordinate the program, Brees was unequivocally its Big Chief.”

Again, signs of a person that holds a leadership role and works harder than the rest of the team, not of a player that is entitled and gets treated differently.

Teams such as the Patriots, Saints, and Raiders have got to be happy about their quarterback situation. They don’t have to spoil their quarterback, Brees, Brady and Carr would not let them.






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