Who will reach the promised land first, Carr or Dak?

A difficult question posed by the NFL Total Access crew that deserves a closer look.

While many still feel that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are the “elite” of NFL quarterbacks, the fact is that the next generation of “greats” is already here. Case in point, who’ll hoist up the Lombardi trophy first, the Oakland Raiders’ Derek Carr or the Dallas Cowboys’ sensation Dak Prescott?

Both of these young men find themselves surrounded by great offensive talent from their respective running games to their receivers. The journey itself for both of them has also been very different, but who’ll win the “big one” first? Most “experts” feel Prescott will regress in his second season while Carr’s primed to “take the next level.”

A brief look back

Carr entered the league back in 2014 after having been passed up by every team in the NFL of that year’s draft and has skyrocketed to not only fame, but on-field success as the undisputed leader of the Raiders.

Let’s not forget that when Carr became the starting quarterback for the Silver and Black the team was in the dark and eternal abyss of NFL which was a far cry from their former glory, having gone to the Super Bowl little more than a decade earlier.

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Prescott for his part went to a team in the Cowboys that seemingly fell short year in and year out with Tony Romo at the helm. Another quarterback like Carr that was passed over by every NFL team, Prescott assumed the mantle after Romo was injured (again) in the preseason. From that point, the rookie took off from there before falling to Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers in the playoffs (Carr was unable to play in his team’s first playoff appearance due to injury).

The Question

The question itself of who’ll win a Super Bowl has a lot of intangibles to it. First, we’re assuming both of these stars will remain injury-free and also how whole these two teams can be once they reach the postseason if at all; looking at you Cowboy’s fans. After all many believe Prescott will succumb to some “Sophmore jinx” once the rest of the league “figures him out,” a fate similar that befell Colin Kaepernick according to some.

One interesting note that was brought up by the NFL Total Access crew was the question of defense. They reasoned that it was the defense that cost Prescott the playoff game and will continue to be a hindrance. Meanwhile, the Raiders defense wasn’t exactly lighting up anyone last season.

After drafting several defensive players, some of which are believed to be immediate starters, the hope in the Bay Area’s that Carr won’t suffer a similar fate this year (again, assuming the Raiders make the postseason). The next factor that’ll decide who gets to the finish line will be the weapons that they’re surrounded with.

For Carr, he has the deadliest receiver combination in the NFL with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree not to mention a solid tight end corps with what’s considered one of the league’s elite offensive lines. Oh, and he’ll also have a returning Marshawn Lynch who’ll be backed up by a stable of young and hungry running backs.

As far as the Cowboys, they’ve designated some great young talent to back him as well, most notably, running back Ezekiel Elliott who rushed for 1,631 yards last season. Just like Carr, Prescott also has some protection from an elite-level offensive line that will serve him well in the coming years.

It’s not an easy question by any means and I personally look forward to a “Raiders/Cowboys Super Bowl” in the coming seasons but for now: Carr will win one within two seasons, before Prescott.

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