Column: Who’s laughing now?

Sunday night was FUBAR (Fu … Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition) for the Oakland Raiders.

In a primetime showdown against the average Washington Redskins, the Oakland Raiders faceplanted — hard. That wasn’t the Autumn Wind Raider Nation was feeling, that was the gust from the Silver & Black blowing a sweet opportunity: A chance to give more proof the league needs to worry about the marauders out West.

Instead, the group gave skeptics something to point and laugh at.

Remember when Zach Brown dared team’s to pass against the Redskins defense? Many found the linebacker’s comments comical and laughable.

Who is laughing now?

Oakland’s dominant offensive line was laid to waste. In turn, so was the high-powered explosive offense. One hundred twenty eight total yards. Let me put that in digit for for emphasis: 128 total yards of offense. Gross.

That resulted in the defense — giving an inspired and valiant performance early — being on the field way too long and eventually, the whole damn thing eventually fell apart.

Offensive coordinator Todd Downing, quarterback Derek Carr and the rest off the Raiders offense looked utterly helpless against Washington’s zone defense. Oakland seemingly expected man-to-man, the style Washington played in the two games prior, and instead, found cornerbacks sitting on routes taking away the quick timing-oriented passing attack. Carr was forced to hold the ball longer and the Redskins’ front-four wrecked havoc.

Alright, alright. I’m going to move forward, no sense in dwelling in the past.

On to Week 4 and the Denver Broncos!

Bright side: The Raiders have plenty of time to concoct a gameplan that will make team’s rue the day they played zone.

Dark side: Oakland’s imminent opportunity to put any blueprints in play comes against a Broncos team that boasts a terrorizing pass rusher (Von Miller) and more accomplished group of cornerbacks (Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr. and Bradley Roby).

The NFL is a copy cat league, but it’s no secret: Stop Carr and you can handle the Raiders with ease.

Denver will do everything it can to make that happen. Can Carr and Co. do everything they can to ensure it doesn’t?

The anticipation is killing me.

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