Hall of Fame Says No To Tom Flores, Again

A sad day in football today as the legendary Raiders’ head Tom Flores is denied the Hall of Fame.

In what’s becoming a common theme with the NFL Hall of Fame and the Raiders as a whole, another legend was denied entry.

This time? Former head coach, Tom Flores.

Besides John Madden, Flores is the second coach that’s become integrated into the mystique of the Silver and Black. A two-time Super Bowl champion, Flores’s record with the Raiders organization remains one of the best in the team’s history at 83-53. In spite of such accolades, however, the coach did not make it to the list of semifinalists.

Many argue that the time spent with the Seattle Seahawks has hurt Flores with the “Hall.” The record? Well, it was 14-34 in three seasons. If this alone is the reason voters have repeatedly denied Flores entry, then that is a shame. Two Super Bowl wins and a .527 winning percentage apparently isn’t good enough anymore these days.

Let’s not forget either that Flores became and continues to be a pillar of the Latino community. First Latino starting quarterback? Check. The only participant to win a Super Bowl as a player, coaching assistant, and head coach? Check.

As of today coach, Flores is 80 years old and like all of us, his time will come in life. With that said, it would truly be a shame if the NFL Hall of Fame denied Flores his moment much like they did with the late Ken Stabler. Is there some sort of conspiracy to keep Raiders out of the “Hall” or is that just fan chatter? Well, I can’t argue for a conspiracy only what I see as fact.

And that fact? Well, that so many Raider legends have been denied entry from Jim Plunkett to Lester Hayes to one of the greatest receivers in history, Cliff Branch. One can’t speak for any voters or fans but there can be little argument that the treatment of coach Flores until now has been a disgrace.

We can only hope that the ol’ coach will be able to enjoy his moment when, and if, he ever gets it.

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8 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Says No To Tom Flores, Again”

    1. Its. A damb you a superbowl ring be the first to win a superbowl as a wild card and win 2 of the 3 superbowl trophies that the raiders have john madden 1 ring and is in the hall of fame

  1. Rediculous that this coach is not in HOF. but you just wait when 2x winning Coach Tom Coughlin gets in on his first try. Same 2x winner! What a joke! I’m done with NFL.

    1. Completely Agree Luna, not saying Coughlin doesn’t deserve it by any means, however, as a Latino the man means so much to the community and other than John Madden, he is the most successful coach the Raiders as an organization have ever had.

  2. I feel as a latino that all of us, Latinos should
    Protest and boycott in every NFL stadium the treatment against Latino players, Coaches,
    And staff. The Affro American can. Why shouldn’t
    We. As we stand with our brothers in their protest
    We should unite against the HOF and the NFL
    Tom Flores and other Latinos in all sports do
    Not deserve this treatment.

  3. You can thank the great Al Davis for all or the Raider Greats( Flores, Branch, Hayes)that will NEVER get in this prejudice NFL Hall of Shame. The league hated him and has the power to effect the deserving players and coaches their rightful honor.

  4. I would sure like to know the process for determining who is selected into the hall of fame and their reasoning for not selecting many well deserving Raiders…i most definetly suspect a conspiracy!! Another reason to be disappointed with the NFL…

  5. At games, like other fans, raise large cards with names and HOF for your choice. Tv cameras will help advertise and raise questions about the process. Coach Flores deserves the honor.
    Raiders for Life!

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