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Predicting The AFC West’s 4th Quarter

With 75% of the regular season over, the Oakland Raiders are 6-6 and somehow tied for first place in the AFC West with the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chargers started the season going 0-4 while the Kansas City Chiefs started 5-0. Their season since then has completely flipped while the Raiders have taken Raider Nation for a roller coaster ride, to say the least.

Then there’s the Denver Broncos, a team who started 3-1 and have lost every game since, effectively making it a lost season for them.

With the three first-place teams having four games left and entering the December stretch, lets breakdown their remaining schedules and try to predict where they will end up at by seasons end.


The Chiefs earlier in the year were once thought of as the clear favorites in the AFC. Since their 5-0 start, their offense has been slowed down as teams figured out how to contain rookie Kareem Hunt and the run game.

  • Week 14 vs Oakland – Oakland’s resurgent defense can keep the Chiefs under 21 points and score enough against their bottom five defense. Prediction: Loss
  • Week 15 vs Los Angeles – The Chiefs cannot score at will against the Chargers 6th ranked pass defense and the Chiefs 30th ranked defense cannot contain Rivers. Prediction: Loss
  • Week 16 vs Miami – Chiefs finally get a win at home as Miami has looked lost and out of sorts all season, albeit they dismantled the Broncos in week 13. Prediction: Win
  • Week 17 at Denver – One of the few teams with a worse losing streak in the league other than KC is Denver. The Broncos still have a good defense, however, their offense can’t score against anyone in the league that’s competitive. Prediction: Win

Predicted Final Record: 8-8

The Chargers are the team on the opposite spectrum to the Chiefs. After losing their first four games, the Chargers have only lost twice in the last eight weeks. They are finally learning how to win close games (well, some of them).

  • Week 14 vs Washington – A game which can go either way. But with the home field advantage and a better defense, the advantage goes to the Chargers Prediction: Win
  • Week 15 at KC - Rivers picks apart KC’s defense and their cornerbacks shut down Hill. Prediction: Win
  • Week 16 at New York - A Jets team who can easily have a winning record if not for 4th quarter collapses, just like the Chargers, takes a close one. 10 am PST games are never easy. Prediction: Loss
  • Week 17 vs Oakland – Oakland’s resurgent defense under former Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano makes life for Rivers uncomfortable while the Raiders offensive line slows down the Chargers pass rush. Prediction: Loss

Predicted Final Record: 8-8

As for the Raiders, after two wins to open the season, they fell off the cliff and lost four straight before pulling themselves back up. Now sitting at 6-6, their playoff hopes are once again in their own hands.

  • Week 14 at KC - Oakland’s resurgent defense can keep the Chiefs under 21 points and score enough against their bottom five defense. Prediction: Win
  • Week 15 vs Dallas – Dallas is very beatable when they are one-dimensional, and without star running back Ezekiel Elliott, they become one-dimensional. Prediction: Win
  • Week 16 at Philly – Eagles are like the Chiefs in how creative their offense is, but the Eagles defense is much better. Raiders find it too difficult on the road to stay with an all-around team like the Eagles. Prediction: Loss
  • Week 17 at LAC - Oakland’s resurgent defense under former Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano makes life for Rivers uncomfortable while the Raiders Offensive Line slows down the Chargers pass rush. Prediction: Win

Predicted Final Record: 9-7

Raiders win the AFC West with a 9-7 record and squeeze into the playoffs. If the trend continues, the Silver and Black will be preparing to host either the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, or Jacksonville Jaguars on wild-card card weekend.

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37 thoughts on “Predicting The AFC West’s 4th Quarter”

  1. LOL this is so biased. Raiders have had an absolute cupcake schedule. They cant beat good teams. Chargers beat the Jets and the Raiders easily

  2. wow, raiders winning the AFC West being predicted on a raiders website. Makes sense. Nothing to see here

  3. You’re a f****** idiot. John Pagano has nothing to do with the Raiders holding two of the worst offenses (Giants: rank 31st and Broncos: rank 26th) in the NFL to an average of 15.5 points per game. The Chargers boast one of the hottest offenses in the league over the past few weeks along with a top 10 defense (#6) while the raiders are below average (offense rank: 20 and defense rank: 17) on both sides of the ball . You are extremely biased, you have no idea what you’re talking about, and I honestly don’t know how were even allowed to write something so f****** stupid. If you are pursuing sports journalism as a career, please give up now; you have no future. Before you make baseless claims about the Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers, please find any sort of evidence to support you stupid f****** ideas. Oh, wait! There is none!! If you would be interested in speculating on the Week 17 matchup between the Chargers and the Raiders, I would love to have this discussion. However, the narrative that you are pulling out of your ass is fictitious and has no statistics to back it up. It is honestly disheartening that something so f****** stupid could be featured on Bleacher Report.

      1. There is definitely a need for disrespect. This man is getting his artile featured on bleacher report for the whole world to see and it is just retarded.

      2. And you sir, must be retarded! I hope you get thrown in jail so that you can get the stupid fucked out of you!! I don’t even like the Chargers, but I know that all evidence points to them being superior to the Raiders. You keyboard warriors have brought no statistics to back up the author’s outlandish, benign claims. Honestly, I’m done being an asshole. Have a good day. JUST KIDDING! SUCK MY COCK. I hope you get AIDS and if you’re even lucky enough to have children, I hope they all have autism and then get ran over by a school bus!!!

        PS. Your wife’s p**** smells like a fish market

    1. This is an opinion piece, and I doubt you have seen the Raiders last two games if you say John Pagano has nothing to do with the defense playing better.

      1. The teams that they have played over the past two weeks have two of the worst offenses in the NFL!! I don’t know why you keep on ignoring the facts. You are just as stupid as the guy who wrote the article.

  4. If you deny my comment and censor your page, you are a humongous p****. You can run but you can’t hide from the truth.

    1. I agree completely Lol, what a completely biased Raiders-fan prediction, good job barely scratching out wins against two horrible teams Raiders, the way things are trending, it’s beyond stupid to claim the raiders are “likely” to beat the chargers. The Chargers beat the raiders earlier this year when they WEREN’T hot, AND at the Raider’s home, this time around the Chargers are the far superior team in almost every single aspect of the game statistically, AND they have home field advantage. Don’t get me wrong, knowing the Chargers, they could find a way to blow it, but statistically speaking, you’d have to be an advanced level of AUTISTIC to try to make the f****** retard dropped-on-your-head-too-many-times-as-a-child claim that the Raiders are on a roll to win the division after barely scratching out wins against two of the worst teams in the league right now.

      1. Sheen Deibel and Danielle Tobin-Oviatt –

        I agree with basic points. However throwin in the comments about AIDS, wives, children gettin Autism, completely destroy any points u may be tryin to make. I’m not offended by any language and no stranger to it but the ridiculous rants u went on make u sound uneducated and extremely pathetic. Calm down. Try to stick to the topics when posting comments on articles. I feel stupid for agreeing with ur main point on the article cuz I’d hate to be put in any class with u guys. Damn bros. U guys need to get laid or somethin. “R-E-L-A-X” morons.

      2. Truboltfan
        Lol I like how you say that and then resort to insulting us yourself, looks like you were dropped on your head as a child too. Listen no-dick, what I said in no way sounds uneducated, I made valid points that you cannot argue with if you have half a f****** brain, the word YOUR stupid f***** ass was looking for is PASSIONATE, I argued PASSIONATELY over what I believed in, if you can’t handle that, then go jerk off your virgin chode somewhere else

      3. Truboltfan

        Reread what you said to us and give me one reason why you aren’t a cuck f*****. I did not say one thing that was uneducated as all of the claims I made regarding the NFL were backed up with statistics. You honestly seem like the type of dude to lay on your arm for half an hour until it goes numb and then jerk yourself off so that it feels like somebody else is doing it. If you would hate to agree with us (people who are not pulling some blasphemous claim out of their ass but rather supporting their claims with fact), you might be as big of a retard as the guy who originally posted this article. If you’re really going to betray bolt nation and side with some mongoloid raiders fan who spanks his own ass during sex, we don’t really want your f***** ass in our fanbase anyway. F*** you, go bolts, and have a nice day.

  5. John Pagano being good… LOL he will be good for three quarters hen coach not to lose and you’ll be 7-9 at best. Nice biased article with zero facts to back up the wild assertions. Why is this crap on bleacher report?

  6. And then the raiders nation writer woke up… searching frantically for a cleanex to clean up the evidence of his wet dreams writing, for low and behold his wife, Surly Reality, would not be happy to change the sheets again. She had a habit of hitting him from behind and fumbling his fantasy predictions loose, especially when she discovered the spilled seed from his writings, like Joey Bosa screaming off the edge of the line toward a Derek Carr trying to buy just a second to much time…

      1. Really the raiders beating any of the remaining teams on their schedule is questionable, Cowboys are showing signs of life and the Raiders D just isn’t that good to assume they can shut down Prescott and the cowboys running backs, behind the cowboys pretty legit O line.

        You also have to play the frickin Eagles…

        Both of the division games, could go either way, as divisional games are usually tougher and closer. with my view is that chiefs/raiders game this weekend is no gimme, I mean Alex Smith only threw 4 touchdown passes this last sunday! and then you have the chargers who are playing pretty good ball on most levels, not to mention that I think their defense is twice as good without John Pagano as the play caller now…

        concerning John Pagano as the raiders new miracle working defensive coordinator, I watched him for the previous half a decade as the Chargers Defensive coordinator… I liked him, at times really liked him, he would call some brilliant plays at times, but then the defense would collapse or he would just start playing prevent and scared. I think he is better then the previous raiders D coordinator, but I just don’t think he’s the silver bullet you think he is… just watch, he’ll tease you with some great play calls and then the raiders will fold when they need the D to stand up the most.

        Also the Chargers have to play the Redskins and Jets still which I would objectively take over the Raiders having to still play the Eagles and Cowboys. If the Chargers beat the Redskins then they will own the tie breaker over the Raiders, (as the raiders lost to redskins) Also you flippantly state that the chargers will lose to the Jets. (whew that is a nice convenient prediction.) so you better hope that your magic predictions line up, or your raiders-chargers week 17 match-up may already not matter if the raiders lose before then.

        Good Luck.

  7. Hold your horses fellas…Last time I checked the KC Chiefs owned this division..They have lost 6 of the last 7 and are still tied for 1st place..We won’t lose again this year…We will destroy the raiders and eek by the Chargers again..Then we can revisit this convo in 5 weeks…

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