NFL Mock Draft

Mocking The Mock Draft

The NFL’s 32 teams’ personnel departments are preparing for the shopping bonanza occupying the time in between the end of the season and the beginning of the new league year in March. Everyone and their brother knows which teams are drafting whom without having allowed for the normal cycle of the draft process.

Beings of higher intelligence often cite ideas so progressively insightful that they come across as sheer lunacy to the likes of the rest of us. A team in the “top ten” should trade down to acquire back to back early 20’s picks. When one might surmise potentially a team having an expected 11 picks in the ninth slot would look to move up in the draft.

While currently on this day in draft history no one has been through the NFL combine, no one has had a Pro Day, and the collegiate showcases are still taking place. Mocking decisions without any of the proper evaluations are incredibly reckless because even the best of the bunch is still 60% wrong.

Rock solid material right here. Go to Las Vegas, NV and bet the farm on these draft picks. Pay Yourself! Funny as it may be it is amusing to see the fervor behind these proud personal selections. Having had my first professional go-round of this last season it’s an exhaustive process of information acquisition for which there is no shortcut.

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These next few months many hours of tape will be poured over and much will be made about nothing. Lest we forget the saga of the player with the overstated lack of vision. There is much to uncover about all of these men looking to enter the ranks of the NFL, we haven’t even heard from all the draft-eligible players who have yet to declare. Nor have we had the benefit of seeing what teams strategies will be after having seen what they choose to address through free agency.

It is amazing how many draft experts are popping up. Fanspeak makes one heck of a product, another fun interactive way to keep you plugged into the NFL 24/7. If you have played Madden’s “Franchise Mode” you feel as though nobody is a better GM than you. Go ahead, admit it. Your mock draft is better than mine, and no amount of rationale and sourced knowledge can tell you otherwise. Thus the beauty and the mockery of the mock draft process before the scouting combine.

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