2018 Raiders: What’s Next for Lynch?

Coming off of a very disappointing season, the Oakland Raiders have some big decisions to make in terms of cutting players to free up cap space.

What’s Next For Lynch?

The Raiders managed a 6-10 record in the 17′-18′ season, which can only be seen as a massive dip in performance from the previous year. A mediocre secondary and far inferior defense in the AFC West means a major overhaul is likely when free agency gets started. But another major question mark still ceases to have a conclusion and that is the future of Marshawn Lynch.

If the Raiders were to cut “Beast Mode,” they could free up around $5.9 million to put towards tieing up key assets or adding players in more pressing positions.

Lynch had a stop-start season for the Raiders, at times flashing his strong ability to gain yards through pure determination and never-give-up attitude. Adding to this, he managed to rank fifth in missed tackles (42) and 4th in yards after contact (3.09) for the season and ended up with 891 yards off of 207 carries, scoring seven touchdowns.

While these numbers look impressive, his off/on the field antics could have been a distraction for his teammates, most notably when he intervened in the Raiders vs Chiefs game in which he received a one-game suspension for putting hands on a referee.

There has also been confirmation it seems that Lynch has, in fact, met with new head coach Jon Gruden. Lynch has an unpredictable lifestyle and one way or another I’m sure in the not too distant future we can shed some light on his situation.

If somehow he does fit into Gruden’s plans, I still feel strongly that the Raiders will look to add an RB with a different skill set to compliment the offense.

It remains to be seen what will happen but it was a pleasure, either way, to see Lynch rep the Silver and Black.

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8 thoughts on “2018 Raiders: What’s Next for Lynch?”

  1. We have DeAndre Washington, Jalen Richard, Elijah Hood, George Atkinson lll and whoever we pick up in the Draft. Raider’s PLEASE let Marshawn Lynch go. He’s a cancer in our locker room. Let these young, talented running backs take over and prove themselves and at the same time, save some money to put towards our struggling defense.

  2. Washington and Richard didn’t play well enough for us when lynch was suspended. And Geno Atkins is a practice squad player at most. Need to draft a running back for sure because Rishard and Washington won’t cut it. Lynch down the stretch played well and I think like Wheatley did at the end of his career, Lynch will do just fine under Gruden. After Lynch’s suspension he played well to earn another year.

  3. Gabriel D. Martin

    I do not think we have George Atkinson III anymore. Expanded role for Olawale. Give Hood some reps. Washington and Richard will play better under Cables scheme. If another back is necessary, draft Penny out of SDSU. Personally I think we got it covered.

  4. Definitely not a pleasure . His selfishness and Me-Shawn attitude contributed to the sabotage of a great team. Sober up and drop your man crush for Me-Shawn

  5. I think Marshawn will leave either in a cut or on his own free will. Gruden will act nice in the off season but will not tolerate pausing practice to shoot his videos for the bleacher report. I like Marshawn and the impact he brings for the community but not at the constant cost to team chemistry. You can cut him save some cash and get a cheaper back in either free agency or the draft that can get us 900 or more yards on the ground.

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