Should the Raiders Sign Muhammad Wilkerson?

After seven years as a member of the New York Jets, defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson was shown the door. Wilkerson was most productive in 2015 as he tallied a career-high 12 sacks and recorded 39 tackles. Following his stellar season, Wilkerson inked a five-year $86 million contract. However, the Jets have since moved on after back-to-back seasons of underwhelming play from Wilkerson.

Shortly after news broke of his release, Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin took to Twitter and started the recruitment process to bring Wilkerson to the East Bay.

Wilkerson makes for an interesting candidate for general manager Reggie McKenzie to possibly pursue. Wilkerson has shown flashes of greatness and that he’s a force to reckon with as he has two double-digit sack seasons and in 2015 was one of the most productive 3-4 defensive ends in the NFL.

The inconsistencies are a cause for concern if the Silver and Black, in fact, do sign the former first-round selection.

The 2017 season was a microcosm of Wilkerson’s career as a Jet. After a slow start in week one, Wilkerson graded higher than 76 in two straight games, however, he would not grade higher than 48.5 over the next three weeks. From Weeks 7-9, Wilkerson was performing as his contract would suggest, grading out at an average of 84.4 per PFF. However, by seasons end Wilkerson would go on to miss the final three games for the Jets in 2017. Rich Cimini of ESPN reported part of that missed time was a result of a team suspension for repeated infractions of “chronic tardiness.”

If the price is right, Wilkerson could prove to be a worthwhile signing for the Raiders as he would add proven depth to a young front seven. Even though Wilkerson has his concerns with inconsistent production, often times a change of scenery and a reality check is the best medicine. Wilkerson was given his reality check by getting released from New York, now, the question remains, is the change of scenery a cross-country move to Oakland?

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3 thoughts on “Should the Raiders Sign Muhammad Wilkerson?”

  1. Gabriel D. Martin

    I say no, but am not strongly opposed. Let’s see where we are at with what we have, plus one or two DT’s in the draft. I have confidence that Guenther and his incoming staff will be far better at scheming motivating and coaching up young players.

  2. i say yes…either him or his ex team mate sheldon richardson.

    reggie can’t draft D linemen at all and nobody has times for rookie growing pains so drafting a DL is out

    u gotta sign a F.A. pro bowl caliber pass rusher in there now to free Mack up. mo or sheldon at DT or kick Edwards Jr inside and let Mo or sheldon play DE

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