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The Unthinkable? Trade Possibilities for Khalil Mack

First and foremost the Raiders would be mightily unwise to deal one of the best defensive players in the NFL and I personally don’t see it coming to fruition. However, here at the Ramble, it’s important to cover all angles. With that said, let’s explore and examine what the Silver & Black could get in exchange if the unthinkable happens.

The following teams have multiple selections in the upcoming draft:

Green Bay Packers own two 2019 first round picks, along with other compensation.

New England Patriots hold up to six draft picks in the first three rounds in 2019.

Here are other superstars rumored to be on the trading block:

Aaron Donald-Who would nix this intriguing offer?

Earl Thomas is another stud raising eyebrows with his latest contract dispute in Seattle. He sees the writing on the wall as the last remaining member of the ‘Legion of Boom’ and wants the money he deserves. The Seahawks would certainly have to sweeten the pot even more in order to get Oakland’s attention before serious discussions took place.

Le’Veon Bell is too often injured and a bit of a headcase that probably wouldn’t mesh well with Gruden. On the flip side, the Raiders have made potential risky moves. They elected to nab Arden Key and Maurice Hurst in the draft while acquiring Martavis Bryant via trade. This is a long-shot of a trade, and like the players mentioned above, there would be more moving pieces involved as well.

With the contract drama escalating as the days go by, it’s hard to forget, Gruden expected Manziel in Oakland, not Mack.

While on Inside Training Camp Live, Gruden said, “We weren’t very good last year on defense with Khalil Mack.” He added, “We’ve got to get a better pass rush, we’ve got to play better defense, period. And we hope Khalil gets here but in the time being, we’ve got plenty of guys who need work.”

Irregardless, Reggie McKenzie must find a way to get Khalil Mack in the long-term fold by doing whatever it takes to pay the once in a generation performer. A trade is absolutely unacceptable for Raider Nation to accept at this point.

If a trade happens who do you think the Raiders make a deal with? Let us know in the comments, Twitter or our Facebook page!

As always, continue to Ramble On Raider Nation.

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