The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Week 4 Raiders Offense

After the first win of the season, Raider Nation is understandably exhausted. Many fans, myself included, began to shovel dirt on what would have been a Silver and Black grave had the Cleveland Browns won. Instead, with a little “help” from some missed calls, the Raiders strong-armed their way back into the game and closed out for the first time this season.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Week 4 Raiders Offense

Let’s examine the best, the worst, and the deeply concerning for this team moving forward, in particular, the offense.

The Good

Marshawn Lynch provided the defibrillator shock the Raider offense needed in the middle of the game. To this point, fans have come to expect the second half swoon and it was underway until Lynch put the entire offense on his back and began to churn. This allowed the “Top 10 QB version” of Derek Carr to take center stage and begin to absolutely carve up a pretty good Cleveland defense.

The Bad

Drops nerfed what had potential to be an even more potent offense. While the Browns certainly had their own drops issues, no one had a worse drop than “the white tiger”. He certainly made his share of plays but that near miss is also indicative of how much work is left for this offense. They are close but still yet have a long way to go.

The Ugly

Derek Carr, for all of his merits, still has some of the absolute worse interceptions a quarterback can throw. His pocket presence improved as the game went on and he clearly performs better with his back against a wall. That’s good and all but it is not sustainable and the entire offense, save Marshawn Lynch, has yet to play a complete game. If this win is the beginning of a run then it’s going to start with consistency from number 4.

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2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Week 4 Raiders Offense”

  1. So sick of hearing how the refs “helped” Oakland win. Had Cleveland won would you be saying the same thing?

  2. You’re missing the direct correlation between the missed/questionable calls and the win, but it wasn’t the only reason Oakland won. Cleveland certainly had their chances both before and after the calls, the calls are not exclusively the reason why they won but it gave the Raiders chances they would not otherwise have had.

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