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The Lifeless Raiders

The 2018 season is officially half way thru and is all but over. After the recent debacle in San Francisco there is nowhere to go for the Raiders but down. It was one of the most infuriating nationally televised showcases for anyone who follows the Raiders as a fan.

The Lifeless Raiders

The defense is incapable of stopping anyone, including a third string quarterback who never took a regular season snap before. They made Nick Mullens look like an MVP candidate. On the offensive side, the Silver & Black allowed seven sacks to a 1-7 team entering the night. It mustered just three measly points and the entire team absolutely quit throughout the primetime throttling.

Any realistic Raider supporter knows what the future entails, but has to question the monumental mistakes the Raiders have made in the present. When a player or unit blatantly stops giving effort, one has to wonder how to motivate them to show up under the same tutelage for the rest of the campaign. The repercussions deserve to be swift and just to send a direct message to everyone that these efforts will not happen again on their watch.

This is the reality that the Raiders are performing in and they flat-out earned it no matter how it gets worded. That means someone has to be blamed for this unwatchable beatdown. Whether it’s Jon Gruden, Paul Guenther, Reggie McKenzie, Mark Davis or someone else, this is as unacceptable as it gets for the beloved Raider Nation. If you are going to tank the season from the get go, then at least attempt to compete so that all the negatives that come about are worthwhile.

The Silver & Black now have to figure out how to bounce back from this. A move to Las Vegas is nearing and the last thing that Oakland fans want is to witness this on weekly basis. They are moments away from being winless if not for an overtime victory over the Browns. So where do the Raiders turn for the rest of the existence of 2018?

The present is dismal, but the future will be here before we know it. With that in mind, the organization cannot make these mishaps again and must have a full proof plan for winning moving forward. Whatever it takes the Oakland Raiders will fight for a return to glory, even if it means going thru hell to get it.

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1 thought on “The Lifeless Raiders”

  1. Gabriel D. Martin

    I don’t and I won’t support quitters. My loyalty was never contingent on wins and losses. Not in 42 years. I won’t support blowing up the organization from the ground up. Gruden is, it has morphed into an egomaniac that does not understand chemistry. Madden, Flores, Vermeil, etc. They understand this dynamic that flips bad to mediocre, mediocre to good, and good to great. I wasted my time, lengthy debates about this personnel moves or that, long term it short term, etc. I missed the forest through the trees. It was a moot point.

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