Guen Shy? Raiders lack of defensive additions is curious

Forget me not

Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther has to be thinking “WTF does a coach have to do to get some reinforcements on his side of the ball?” After multiple noteworthy additions to the offense, Guenther must be hoping his new ingredients come draft day or he’ll have to make chicken salad out of chicken shi… (you know the rest) once again.

Perhaps to show the beleaguered defensive boss that he hasn’t been completely forgotten, the Raiders landed diminutive, but effective, defensive back Lamarcus Joyner and underrated run-plug defensive lineman John Mauro. Joyner is a curious case based on Guenther’s perceived height parameters.

At 5-foot-8, Joyner would pair with 5-foot-10 Karl Joseph to create a small hit squad. The pair fall into the shadow of much taller backfield mate Erik Harris as the 6-foot-3 safety will likely be tasked with covering tight ends like Kansas City’s Travis Kelce. Yeah, I shuddered at that thought, too.

There’s plenty of cap and time for Oakland to add more talent to the defensive side of the ball on the second wave of free agency and the 2019 NFL Draft– not to mention cap casualties and cuts after training camp. You have to feel for Guenther though, his unit was downright comical last season and while Gruden has been getting new toys, he has to play with the same big wheel tricycle that’s missing a rear tire.

The Trifecta

Can the Raiders hit the Brown Trifecta? They’ve got Antonio and Trent in the fold. Why not linebacker Zach Brown?

Infamous for his “moneybagg yo” tweet from his free agent tour in 2017, Brown is once again free to ink a deal and the Raiders have a need at middle linebacker. The 29-year-old isn’t the biggest cat on the block at 6-foot-1 and 250 pounds, but he can get the job done with speed, IQ and tackling ability. He’s like former Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison — but he stops ball carriers behind or at the line of scrimmage.

The Raiders haven’t added many high profile players on defense, but the signing of Burfict could be the sign of things to change soon.

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They just added Burfest, have a few Corners and safeties in for a visit. Plus this is a defence loaded draft. Raiders only need to address TE, G and QB on offense, so chances are pretty good that the bulk of the draft picks will be on D.
Gunther I’m sure, will be very happy come training camp.

Jesse Rancon

I agree that the draft is loaded with talent, however given their cap space and talent in FA why not add proven talent to help immediately?

Michael Ray Contreras

First of all, Free Agency is not done – second, Guenther is looking for players with skill sets to fit his scheme, something he did not have last year. For instance, Burfict has been signed as has Mauro. Iloka was in today – also a former Guenther player, and, I expect still others. This draft is loaded in the top 50 with edge defenders who would significantly upgrade our team with speed and abilities off the edge. No need to panic. Be patient young one!

TJ Mello

We can load up with the top DE (Allen, Bosa) with pick#4 and with 24 and 27 add a corner or another DE or LB of depending on whose available. ( Burns ,Ferrell , Ferguson, Sweat, Polite) one if not two of those should still be on the board) and corners Murphy,Baker, Ya Sin, the Delaware kid are there at 27. Depending on how the board falls we can swap and go CB first before DE. There are only a couple solid LBs I’d take there like Wilson or the Michigan kid or whitw but i doubt those two will… Read more »


We signed two defensive backs and a LB. what’s this guy talking about??

Richard Kolterer

We have some decent DTs LBs coming back, all young and played much better late in the year after getting to know new D. Looking for much more improvement through Draft. Add DE edge rusher and LB or CB whichever is better player and TE (Iowa). Later rounds pickup WR and OL. Glad they are back in Oakland for this year. Should be much more competitive. But once again we will be most traveled team in NFL with toughest schedule.