Jets safety Jamal Adams Lets Raiders and Raider Nation Have It

Whether it was on the field yesterday or off the field, Jets safety Jamal Adams let Raider Nation and their beloved Oakland Raiders really have it. And who can blame him?

Adams was all over the field on Sunday, he was talking, he was tackling, and everything in between. Did he have a chip on his shoulder? Oh most definitely, and strangely enough it seems like it was Raider Nation that was partly responsible for firing Adams up.

“They came in a little too happy, they thought this was just going to be an easy game,” said Adams post game. Ouch, a little “too happy” he says? Well the Oakland Raiders were on quite a winning streak and naturally that got fans pumped up for this game. Sounds like a classic case of “don’t celebrate too early.”

Does It Really Fall on the Fans?

Andy Vasquez of North Jersey Media wrote yesterday on the upset loss, “The Jets had a lot to prove against the Raiders on Sunday afternoon. And as it turned out, Oakland’s fans gave them even more reason for motivation before the opening kickoff.”

What could it have been that angered or triggered Adams and the Jets so much so he was still talking about it post-game? As it turns out, Adams said that Raiders fans were “vociferously” booing them during the pregame warmups.

Well after showing up on the field and putting those boos to an abrupt and emphatic stop, Adams didn’t stop there. Seemed like many folks to exception to Adams, including Darren Carr, brother of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. 

Whoa, talk about getting personal. Look, let’s keep this all in perspective and circle the wagons. The Raiders got their collective rear ends handed to them. Nothing complicated about that, at all. And yes, did Raider Nation motivate Adams and his teammates? Oh without a doubt. But the Silver and Black simply did not show up, a professional football team can never lay a loss on the “fans” because that would be a ridiculously bad excuse. Thankfully that won’t happen with head coach Jon Gruden. So go ahead Mr. Adams, enjoy the victory. You defended your home turf and shut everyone up, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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