Derek Carr

Time To Park the “Carr” in Carson

Before Raider Nation decides to gang up on me for criticizing Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Hear me out, please.

A True Raider

I like Carr, he’s living his childhood dream. I don’t believe anyone on that team wants to play for the Raiders more than him. He deserves the last game in Oakland for that, but after that, the team has two road games, which are in Carson against Chargers and Denver against Broncos.

If we are not talking about playoffs, we are talking about the offseason now.

Bench Carr, start Kizer

Why not let DeShone Kizer have a run at two of our biggest rivals?

The Scenarios

Scenario 1: Kizer plays horrible and we know he’s just a backup at best. No threat to Carr

Scenario 2: He plays decent and we know he could be trade bait for a draft pick. No threat to Carr

Scenario 3: He plays good enough to warrant a serious shot at challenging Carr in training camp. Slight threat to Carr

Scenario 4: He plays great and gives the team reason to drop Carr and save 15 million dollars.


It’s that fourth scenario that scares some fans. Nobody wants to see “their quarterback” get ousted like that. Some were mad about Jack Del Rio being let go as he grew up rooting for the Raiders as well.

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People are worried about Kizer for how he did in Cleveland and his small time being used in Green Bay when Rodgers was hurt. He was thrown to the wolves in those moments, but he’s still alive and currently has his clipboard.

Trust in Mayock

Kizer shouldn’t be a cause for concern. You should want to see what he has got. As I mentioned before, there is a reason Raiders grabbed him as quick as they did. General Manager Mike Mayock wanted him holding a clipboard and penned him as the quarterback with the highest ceiling of his draft class. That draft class consisted of Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson.

How many of you said you wanted a player like them? People want to say trust Mayock, but in reality they only trust him when he’s doing what they like. Or maybe they just don’t know enough and can’t argue.

Final Words

If Oakland wins next week, and both the Steelers and Titans lose, then I can see why people would want to keep Carr in. There could still be a tiny shot at the postseason with more help. Once the season is known to be over, and the Raiders are eliminated, I see no reason to not start Kizer.

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If you don’t agree, all I need to ask is “what are you afraid of?” If Kizer is garbage, Carr has one less obstacle. Now, if he does good, Carr has a man to be pushed by to elevate his game. If Kizer does great, then he pushes Carr out and we have a new quarterback for the future.

If playoffs are out, Raiders owe it to themselves to park Carr and roll with Kizer in the last meaningless game(s).

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