Possible Dream Scenario For Raiders in April

The Las Vegas Raiders will need to reload their defense if they hope to make a splash in their first year out in the desert oasis. This mock scenario would certainly go a long way to making that happening.

Now keep in mind, I’m aware wide receiver is a pressing need so I have no doubt general Mike Mayock will do his homework and add one at some point in this draft. In spite of that, we’ll assume that the Raiders are also going to land a receiver via free agency, which makes this scenario very plausible.

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Let’s take a look at this mock and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section, Raider Nation.

#12 Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

If Diggs is available at number 12, the Raiders have to bite and take him. Cornerback is still a need (when hasn’t it been?) and he checks off a lot of what Mayock is looking for. He has NFL pedigree, being the younger brother of current Vikings Stefon Diggs. He also has championship pedigree coming from Nick Saban’s program at Alabama and we all know how much Mayock values that, just ask all the Clemson Tigers on his roster.

The stats for Diggs are not eye-opening by any means. However, he’s a physical specimen standing at six-foot-two with a large frame and reach to boot. Patrick Conn of Draft Wire said it best when it comes to Diggs:

Diggs show the ability to use his length at the line of scrimmage in hopes of throwing off timing and re-routing the wide receiver. He uses his length to his advantage to contest catches with good back to the ball technique. Very good corner when playing in trail technique and has speed to close.

Diggs would fit right in with a young defense backfield featuring second year backs Trayvon Mullen and Johnathan Abram.

#19 Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma

Will this be the year the Raiders finally answer the prayers of fans worldwide and take a linebacker in the first round?

Murray, out of Oklahoma, would immediately address one of the most glaring weaknesses the Raiders continue to have: covering tight ends. Linebackers continuously get burned by the likes of Travis Kelce and this needs to stop. He has the frame at six-foot-two and 235 pounds, and a tackling machine piling up 176 solo tackles with 36.5 for a loss, sprinkling in nine and a half sacks.

In one false swoop, Mayock retools this defense and addresses two of its most dire needs.

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35 thoughts on “Possible Dream Scenario For Raiders in April”

  1. I’d rather see the Raiders sign LB Cory Littleton and CB Kendal Fuller And/or Byron Jones, then take two WRs in the first round. Ideally Jerry Judy and Henry Ruggs III.

  2. More like a nightmare scenario. OK not a nightmare but a bad dream. Simmons and Jeudy/Ruggs/Shenault is a dream scenario. Another would be Jeudy/Ruggs/Shenault and Kinlaw. #12 is too high for Diggs. Everytime I saw him he was getting beat.

  3. Omeros Christakos

    To hell with the splash it won’t win games if the defense gives up leads. Plenty of other positions need more help then QB

  4. I would have to say the defense needs to be fixed more than anything . But they also need a true number one wide receiver. I’m hoping they stay put and draft best available at those two positions. Not in any particular order. Thank you.

  5. Pass on Tua, Juedy going to play better than Amari did? Give DC someone to throw to or stack the box and key on Jacobs. DC needs some help bad.

  6. It’s time to get another QB cause Carr is not the answer. If you don’t, expect the same results. And that’s to miss the playoffs again . You can’t get rid of gruden without give away a lot of money.

  7. #12 (DT) Kinlaw & #19 (WR) Shenault 3rd Round get a LB, CB and Backup RB to spell Jacobs our team will start looking beastly and a ton of Cap Space!!!

  8. Carr has to go raiders will never get any where with Carr at quarterback if you want another losing season keep Carr he’s a good guy but that’s it he needs a new start elsewhere

  9. Carr has to run for first downs when he Ere the opportunity, 45 year old josh McCown was running like a mad man getting first downs. That’s has to happen to extend drives and we score a lot of points. Then after the #1 receive, go all defense and kick some Raider ass next year.

  10. I’m down for taking Diggs and Murray but they have to get a great wr in free agency. Don’t know if there is one though.

  11. Ladaris Washington

    Yes we need defensive players a pass rusher badly but we desperately need a wide receiver to stretch the field I am a dire heart Raider Fan !!!! L.W. Birmingham, Alabama

  12. That’s your dream scenario. Really 😆😆… Joe Burrows and Simmons is a dream. You got to do better.

  13. I think you meant in one “fell swoop” not false swoop. Though I hope Raiders go LB in the first round.

  14. Too bad Kenneth Murrays worst traits are block shedding and pass coverage, id rather them draft Akeem Gaithers for Will, Zack Baun or Malik Harrisson for Mike and JOSH UCHE AT SAM

  15. Mark Cunningham

    I don’t disagree that that assessment at all. While Simmons is really good, there is no way to expect him at 12, Same with the WR’s others mentioned.

  16. Understand the need for defense. But you cannot pass on any receiver from Alabama. We need a #1 receiver, linebacker, corner, pass rusher.

  17. Yea, screw LV. Dream scenario would be for mark davis to lose the franchise and new owner move back to Oakland.

  18. CB not needed in first round.

    1. Simmons then Ruggs in first then get DB, Oline and Dline depth in 3rd rd

    2. If Simmons off the board, then Jeudy, Lamb or Ruggs at 12 then Murray at 19. Then CB , Oline and Dline depth in 3rd rd

    I’m also ok with trading everything for Tua. I’ve seen enough of Carr. Great guy. Im done with captain check down throwing 5 yards on 3rd and 10 or throwing the ball away on 4th and 4 with 3 minutes left in 4th down by 10.

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