QB Case Keenum Could Help Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have not made it a fact Derek Carr will be their starting quarterback in 2020. In the meantime, they could fortify the quarterback position as a whole by signing possible free agent Case Keenum, who says his future might not be with Washington.

Why/How Case Keenum can help the Raiders?

Keenum has had a rather nomadic career after joining the NFL as an undrafted free agent. Between the Miracle at Minneapolis and starting for Jeff Fisher’s perennial 7-9 teams, the quarterback has shown he’s got the talent to sling it at the pro level. At the same time, he’s not good enough to be a cornerstone player but solid enough to be a bridge quarterback, someone who could help the Raiders regardless of who the starting quarterback will be in las Vegas.

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Incumbent Derek Carr has never been challenged for the starting spot since he took over in 2014. In the same manner, he’s always been backed up by late round prospects (Matt McGloin) or other team’s discarded projects (E.J. Manuel, Mike Glennon). Maybe that’s why he hasn’t raised his game to the next level, he’s never felt the heat and Keenum and his “got nothing to lose mentality” would provide it. The former Washington signal-caller has shown he can sling it albeit with less than stellar results sometimes.

On the other hand, if Carr is replaced by a rookie prospect, which at this point is uncertain, said first year player could sit and learn for a while before he displaced Keenum, who would be fully aware of his role with the team.

At the time of writing, DeShone Kizer and Nathan Peterman are still with the Raiders, but neither have shown they could push Carr or lead the team while the rookie develops. Likewise, they have an atrocious track record as starters with their previous teams.

Case Keenum wouldn’t offer the Raiders long term relief but could definitely help them improve as soon as he signed with the team.

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7 thoughts on “QB Case Keenum Could Help Raiders”

  1. This article is ridiculous. He could be good back up to Carr maybe. But not a starter in any circumstance. Come on now.

  2. Case Keenum has shown what he can do with some talent around him…Case is fearless with a whip of an arm and can flat out sling the football down field with accuracy! Case isn’t afraid to stand in the pocket knowing he’s going to take a hit and Deliver and huge throw while the play develops…Case has to be one of the toughest & best up and coming gunslingers in the NFL…Don’t believe me go watch some highlights on YouTube! Heck watch Grudens QB camp with Case Keenum… ” Knock on wood if you’re with me!” Heck yea Raiders could get Case cheap and he’ll look epic in Silver & Black! Please make this happen…

  3. Brandon Baumann

    Case Keenum went 13 – 3 with Vikings had the #1 QBR, #1 rated under pressure, #1 rated in red zone, #1 rated at 20+ & 40+ yards passing in entire NFL…Went toe to toe with Drew FREAKING Brees in the playoffs with 4 4th quarter lead changes down to :10 seconds left 61 yards…the only walkoff TD pass in postseason history…Case “FREAKING” Keenum is a Raider and always has been he just doesn’t know it yet! I’m not even going to get into Case being the NCAA QB GOAT & All-Time passing leader…Case Keenum IS GOING TO LOOK AMAZING IN SILVER & BLACK!

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