Like Gannon, Carr Will Thrive In Year 3 Under Gruden

Year Three Tendency Under Gruden

Gannon’s completion percentage steadily went up in each of his first three seasons under Gruden. Going from 59.0 to 60.0 and then to 65.0 respectively. His total completions also skyrocketed in the third year, going from 304 to 284 and later 361. Oh, and as a bonus, in his fourth year his total was 418 completions. Other than his rookie year, Carr’s completion percentage has never dipped below the 60th percentile. Even more interesting is that in his two previous seasons, he’s had his highest completion percentage in his career, 68.9 and 70.4 respectively. While Gannon didn’t play in the QBR era, Carr saw that number increase as well, from 46.9 to 63.7, while his yards per completion also went up. Carr’s jump was from 10.6 to 11.2, Gannon’s in comparison remained even at 12.6 and 12.6, only to see it drop funny enough in his third year to 10.6.

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The stat that everyone looks at when comparing quarterbacks is naturally their touchdowns. Carr in his first two years under Gruden threw for 40 touchdowns and had 18 interceptions. Retrospectively, Gannon threw 52 touchdowns with 25 interceptions before his third year. You can look at this two ways depending on how you feel about Carr. Either Carr was more efficient by comparison to Gannon which is a good sign judging on touchdowns alone which can be backed up by the numbers. Or two, Carr had 1,066 passing attempts while Gannon had 988 meaning the latter accomplished more by doing less. Pick your poison here, either way, Carr’s trending up.

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Frank J Contreras

Well those who didn’t see Carr’s obvious talents missed out on a lot of good work and only noticed
that he didn’t do what “they wooda done” Go RAIDERS