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QB Derek Carr To Bears? Something or Nothing?

Derek Carr to the Chicago Bears is dominating headlines as a possible scenario. However, who would actually benefit from such a deal?

No one knows what the Las Vegas Raiders are going to do at quarterback outside of it’s top brass. A deal to the Bears is intriguing to say the least, but it’s difficult to predict who would win because of the factors surrounding the scenario.

Is Derek Carr Fueling The Fire?

Carr’s post on Instagram made waves, but it’s difficult to tell if it means something. The post itself is of him embracing former Raiders teammate Khalil Mack with the hashtag #MegaPowers, which was provided by Carr’s brother David. It literally could just be a nostalgic moment, or is it?

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Then again, it’s plausible the Carr family is trolling fans and those that follow and write about the NFL.

What About The Bears?

The other intriguing piece to this puzzle is the Bears and what they plan on doing at quarterback. If they’re truly trying to move on from Mitch Trubisky, is Carr really an upgrade? Statically yes, but given Carr’s struggles in the cold weather, it’s strange that Chicago would go this route.

The other factor is that Carr would be playing under offensive coordinator Matt Nagy, which would be a win-win as Ryan Smith of the Raider Ramble pointed out via his Twitter.

As tantalizing as a trade story would be, the fact is there’s nothing new here, yet. The Raiders have been linked to rumors surrounding Tom Brady so perhaps this trade would happen once TB12 inks a deal. It would be highly unlikely that the Raiders ship off Carr for draft capital without a starter in place for 2020. Looks like March can’t get here soon enough Raider Nation.

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2 thoughts on “QB Derek Carr To Bears? Something or Nothing?”

  1. No big deal. It’s only celebrating Khalil Mack’s birthday and we all know they are good friends. If matching teams connected to Derek, I’ll say it’s Miami where Reggie McKenzie works in their personnel department. Other than hurricane, weather is good there.

  2. Nothing. First, the Raiders would be very stupid to trade Carr, who is an above average starter with two years playing in Gruden’s notoriously complicated system. Second, any replacement would be a downgrade. A rookie QB would take at least two years to develop. Brady is 43, and at this point a 29 yo Carr who’s got got his best football ahead of him, is a better option. Same for the rest of the free agents.
    Third, the Bears don’t have the capital, as they don’t have a first rounder, and Grudock should not take any less for Carr, for the reasons stated above.

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