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Editorial: Discussion Surrounding Derek Carr Reaching New Lows

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr continues to be one of the most polarizing players in the NFL. Is it becoming a distraction or is it simply a result of constant social media coverage?

NFL coverage has rapidly changed since I started watching football in the late 1990’s and a lot of it has to do with social media. It’s awesome that fans have access to information, news, and rumors on a 24/7 basis, but social media has also created a problem. When every aspect of a football player’s life is under a microscope, such as Carr’s beliefs, you know things are getting nutty.

Here’s the issue, most shouldn’t have an issue with Carr’s or anyone else’s conviction and in fact, many praise him because a man’s faith is his own. What’s getting under the skin of some fans is whether the quarterback’s commitment to football is now secondary to his said faith.

No one but Derek Carr and those closest to him would know if that is true.

Interestingly enough Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner brought even more attention to this conundrum via his Twitter.

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Fans complaining on social media platforms is one thing, but now you have a legitimate legend making light of the situation. It’s understandable some are frustrated with losing, but ask yourself if anybody was complaining in 2016.

I am, by no means, excusing Carr, who hasn’t been the same quarterback since he got injured that year (or at least the team hasn’t been the same going 17-31 since). As Warner points out, having faith in God is hardly the reason the Raiders signal-caller is no longer the same player (at least according to some fans). Aficionados haven’t forgotten the throwaways on fourth down, which haven’t been a good look for the beset signal caller.

While many want the Raiders to move on from Carr, his defenders will remind you stats are still on his side. While the Tom Brady rumors are juicy and make for great headlines, it’s more likely that Carr will get a third year under head coach Jon Gruden before a franchise-defining decision is made. Oh, and one more thing. The trolling by Carr is exactly that, trolling. If Gruden is taking into account what his quarterback is doing during his offseason on social media, then maybe Raider Nation is worrying about the wrong guy, if that’s the case. Ramble On, Raider Nation.

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3 thoughts on “Editorial: Discussion Surrounding Derek Carr Reaching New Lows”

  1. This article is deliberately misleading, more fans want Carr to stay, numerous fan votes show this. This is just clickbait.

  2. I’ve gotten frustrated with Carr many a time, for the same reasons that other fans mention. Mainly throwing the ball away, when opportunities still exist. That said, he is a competitor, he did get his leg broken in a painful and grisly manner, and his receivers have been less than supportive, across the board. Raider fans will not be able to see Carr’s true potential unless and until he has some consistent, healthy, and skilled Receivers. I am more disgusted with the organizations collective ignoring of the LB position and needed permanent fixes, for over a decade. Carr loves Jesus. Carr is also an extremely dedicated QB with a good work ethic. Replacing Carr would be a step backwards.

  3. Keep Carr or trade him, whatever. I don’t agree with attacking a religious dedication, though I’m not particularly religious myself. Many athletes think of and credit early their dedication to their faith and it is a little striking as a lot of the good athletes seem to do very well with that as their base for confidence, approach, and identity. So if one has problems, as all do more than others, it is ridiculous to blame it on dedication to faith. The sport as the main source of a person’t identity would seem a little weak in comparison to other opportunities such as the one Carr has spoken of.

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