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Would Raiders Dare Go QB and CB in the 1st Round?

A possible scenario where the Las Vegas Raiders pick a quarterback and a cornerback in the first round would enrage many. Would general manager Mike Mayock pull the trigger on such an unfathomable plan?

“No way!” is what you would hear from supporters of incumbent quarterback Derek Carr. Fact is Mayock and head coach Jon Gruden know what’s best for the organization, not their fanbase.

Signing Marcus Mariota to an incentive-laden contract isn’t exactly screaming confidence from Raiders brass.

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However, before we go down the wormhole that is the Raiders quarterback debate, let’s take a closer look at such a proposal. Tyler Sullivan of CBS Sports recently shared this possible plan in his mock draft.

No. 12 Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

Sullivan points out that the Raiders head to Las Vegas with a potential star in the wings.

“The Raiders aren’t totally in love with Derek Carr as their starter, and I could see them bringing aboard a developmental quarterback to usher in their new era in Las Vegas. Love has tons of upside and it would be fascinating to see him work with Jon Gruden.”

The upside is definitely there, along with raw natural talent. Yet, if this were to come true I don’t see Love taking the field in his rookie year. Who knows but this might actually light a fire under Carr to get this team over the hump. On the other hand, he could falter and open up the door for Love in 2021. The only thing that would prevent this from happening is if the Raiders believe they have something with Marcus Mariota. There are many intangibles in this scenario and many things have to happen in order for it to become a true

#28 Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

The Silver and Black still need help with their secondary. In particular, they need a starting corner opposite of Trayvon Mullen. He would be that player at 28th. Sullivan predicts a trade with the Ravens in this scenario in which the Raiders move back and still get their guy.

“Vegas is able to trade down and still find a corner to help their secondary. Fulton can play on the outside and even move to the slot in a pinch.”

This possibility will surely cause a debate as some really want a wide receiver or two in the first round. That’s fair as the Raiders still need help at that position. However, this wide receiver class is extremely deep. I wouldn’t put it past Mayock to pull off such a scenario where he gets his quarterback, some help on defense, and two wide receivers in the later rounds. Seems like the draft can’t get here soon enough.

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7 thoughts on “Would Raiders Dare Go QB and CB in the 1st Round?”

  1. If Raiders go QB in the first round with Carr Kizer and Mariota, I’ll have to end my 44 year old fan ship. I’m not saying that, woe is me, or thinking it matters to anybody but me. Just saying. For this Raider fan, it will be a bridge too far. After watching a decade plus of Defensive Backfield and LB ineptitude, while Receivers drop catchable ball after catchable ball? Nope

  2. Hey Mario it says in your bio that you bring fresh unique perspectives to sports, including raiders. That sir is a load of crap because every sports outlet has been connecting every qb from FA and the draft to the raiders for the past 2 seasons and non of them ended up with the raiders. So seeing this “fresh perspective” by you for the raiders drafting a qb is laughable. Love is to raw to start especially if there is going to be very little off season work which is what is probably going to happen because of covid-19. That goes for any new qb trying to learn Gruden play book this year, sorry Mariota but your hopes of pulling a Tanahil won’t happen. Then you pick Fulton which is the 4th or 5th best corner in the draft over a WR! Smh foh with this trash article.

  3. I’d love to know who the source is at the Raiders that says “aren’t totally in love with Derek Carr.” How couldn’t they be? What more does one man have to do? And who could have lead them to more victories? Top 10 in the league in almost every QB stat and set career highs in a few, even having a historically accurate season with with one of best completion percentages in the history of the NFL. All that while only fielding the same starting receiver corps like 3 games the whole season.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t QB’s better than Carr, he’s not the best QB in the league, but there isn’t a plug and play upgrade available, and he’s shown that he’s capable of winning if the rest of his team actually shows up.

    To take it a bit farther, he’s on (essentially) the last year of his contract, if they were going to draft a QB, it should be next year because its been shown its a more productive philosophy to have the team ready for a QB instead of building around a QB first. Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes are perfect proof of that. Both QB’s stepped into teams that were only a few pieces away from being contenders, and they have had early success because of it.

  4. They won’t draft a qb, as mayock himself said” they have complete confidence in DC. He said Derek put up phenomenal numbers last year despite the fact that he never had a #1 receiver or in alot games a #2 . Mayock said DC made huge strides in year #2 in Gruden’s system depite all the facts already stated. Instead they are committed to adding talent for their qb to work with.

  5. Will Rodriguez

    If Mariota is a perfect fit wouldn’t it be great to draft Lamb,Jeudy or Ruggs As a first Round pick

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