Raiders Are About to Show How They Feel About Derek Carr

Ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft, there were a trio of players the Las Vegas Raiders were shopping, with Derek Carr leading the bunch. The first day of the draft came and went and the quarterback wasn’t moved. Today, we will at last find how much the front office values him.

The Raiders have been very hermetic when it comes to their quarterback position and how much they value Carr. Even though they have praised him and said they feel comfortable with him, they have also said that if they can improve the position they will. Moreover, they were aggressively shopping him as recently as this past NFL Scouting Combine. That is certainly not an endorsement nor a sign of confidence.

Expect The Unexpected…

If the draft has proven something is that we have to expect the unexpected but other than the Raiders selecting cornerback David Arnette, the Silver and Black didn’t provide anything out of the ordinary. If anything, Arnette was the kind of pick everyone should expect from general manager Mike Mayock, not sexy but solid.

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Regarding Carr, there were not any news, but that could change in day two of the draft. The Colts could trade the 34th or the 44th selection, one but not both, for him or a bidder could come out of nowhere and woo the Raiders with an offer they can’t refuse. The Jaguars, who were trying to deal defensive end Yannick Ngakoue with them just yesterday, could be looking forward to improving a quarterback room that features currently Gardner Minshew and not much behind him.

The Escape Goat?

Carr hasn’t been the sole reason why the Raiders haven’t been able to reach the playoffs since 2016. Whether it was their defensive line or the lack of a true number one wide receiver, the quarterback hasn’t had an adequate surrounding cast. At the same time, he has been inconsistent at times, which surely played a factor in him being part of trade talks.

Secretive and Deceiving

Head coach Jon Gruden is very secretive and deceiving when it comes to transactions the Raiders make. He said Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper were key members of the team before he sent them packing to Chicago and Dallas respectively. The same is happening with Carr. At this point, we don’t really know how he truly feels about Carr.

That should end soon as we are hours away from knowing if Carr was part of the team’s plans all along. Either way, Gruden and Mayock will do what is in the best interest of the franchise moving forward and if carr is included, so be it.

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Another crappy false article !

Mario Tovar

Nope. Try harder.


you might as well of said the Raiders would trade him for a burrito.. find something better to do with your time


What evidence is there, other than here say, to suggest Carr was ever shopped

Harold Green

This article makes me really unhappy. You have the pieces in place. Back off and let Derek do his job. Find something or someone else to pick on.

Mario Tovar



Where is the proof that they were shopping Carr? Another article that is all bs…..


Carr is garbage


How do you win from we can improve the position meaning their shopping Derek Carr is a lie you just misrepresented everything Derek Carr was no way going to be traded he’s a 4000 yard passer 84 Time pro bowler you sick motherfuker yeah they’re going to get a better quarterback from that and draft and take a chance on that thank goodness you’re out running a team you dumb s***


This shit is trash.. I guess now that the draft is over and they were supposedly interested in Tua, and Hurst, and oh Love, they really meant to go out and get Winston.. wait he just signed to the saints.. I meant Newton… thats right he’s not signed yet.. Newton thats their guy… GTFOH.. this page is trash…

Mario Tovar



At no point during the off season has any team said publicly that the Raiders were shopping Derek Carr. For the past two off-seasons, we have been hearing about Carr being traded, replaced, or rookie qb’s would be drafted by the Raiders and it has all been BS. You guys persist over and over in spreading this BS that not one of you have offered any real evidence of this being fact. What happened to the time when sports writers actually wrote about facts? Now it’s more about gossip and rumors like a bunch of school girls.

Matthew Kirby

First off take course on grammer if you want to be taken seriously. Second. Where is the proof they were shopping him? The reports from a waiter football guy ( there’s your first clue about the trading for yannick) even stated that the raiders would not add Carr into the trade like Jacksonville wanted. I’m for upgrading any position as everyone should be. But just stop with the rumor mill

Mario Tovar

*Grammar … Nice try though 😉🤦😂😭


I can expect the dumb lame trade Carr or draft QB these last few years from dumb sites like cbs sports or, but on a true Raiders page? Are you really totally clueless about history and what Gruden did his 1st time around? Gruden groomed Gannon. It took 3 years of building the roster and getting Gannon comfortable and ready with a stacked roster to get into the playoffs. Gannon succeeded by year 3 after consecutive 8-8 seasons. Carr went from 4 wins, to 7 wins and with the offense finally adding a true WR1 (added 3 WRs) in… Read more »

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