Division Rival Shelby Harris Slanders the Raiders?

In a recent interview, Denver Broncos defensive lineman Shelby Harris made some stimulating remarks about the Silver and Black’s impending relocation to Las Vegas. In addition, the former Raiders player made another disputable comment about the team that did not sit well with many in Raider Nation.

An Old Friend Speaks on the New Raiders

As we enter the dog days of the NFL offseason, football news becomes slow and player’s words tend to be scrutinized more due to the lack of activity. Last night, a few Raider fans on Twitter stumbled upon a interview conducted on a Denver Broncos social media outlet called Broncos Country Tonight. Don’t ask me why a fan of the Raiders was actively listening to a Broncos media affiliate, but it happened and this is the transcript of a portion Shelby Harris’ interview regarding the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas.

Shelby Harris: “I don’t think it’s gonna be the same. I just don’t see them having much of a hometown appeal. I feel like it’s gonna be more of a tourist thing, like, ‘Oh, we’re in Vegas, let’s go to the game.'”

(Interviewer) Alexis Perry: “Don’t you think maybe the Vegas Golden Knights are a good example of how it might actually work?”

Shelby Harris: “Yeah, you have to be good though.”

Via – Broncos Country Tonight

For the full episode:

This begs asking if Shelby has a valid point?

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It’s A Whole New Place

Despite currently playing for a division rival, Harris was not out of line with his remarks about the Raiders. As the team enters a new stage in Las Vegas, they leave behind an era at the Oakland Coliseum that cannot be replicated. Simply, the Black Hole was a conglomerate for the NFL’s most notorious fans.

Many friendships, memories, and tailgates were a part of the aura and mystique that made the Silver and Black’s home games in “The Town”, one of a kind. Now, the franchise transitions to yet another city that is incomparable to others. Their new home, Allegiant Stadium, will be christened this upcoming season along with a city full of fans that may love the team but come from a contrasting lifestyle to those in the Bay Area.

As the team settles into their new venue, change is inevitable and the aura of Raiders home games will undoubtedly change. No one can predict if it is for better or worse, but it will be impossible to duplicate the 47 years of gamedays at the Coliseum.

A Chance to Control the Narrative

In regards to the ‘winning’ remark from Harris, the team has only mustered one season with over eight wins since 2003. That is anything but ‘good’, so if the Las Vegas Raiders want to change that narrative; it is time for them to start consistently winning. No one should expect friendly banter from a rival player, let alone one that literally had a hand in the deliverance of a Week 17 Raiders defeat at Mile High Stadium in 2019 on the last meaningful play in regulation.

His words may sting the thin skinned amongst the fanbase, but the lack of production from the Silver and Black should resonate more with fans than objective comments from a player that Denver now views as an intrical asset to their organization.

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