Raiders Rookies Have Right to Hold Out

The Las Vegas Raiders haven’t signed any of the players they drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft. If any of them decide to hold out, they shouldn’t receive criticism for doing so.

Last year, then-rookie Josh Jacobs held out because he wanted some guarantees added to the fourth year of his contract. He was in his right. Players coming into the NFL have little to no leverage when negotiating their first contracts. Whenever possible, they must not hesitate to use it.

Nothing Inherently Wrong With Holding Out

Regardless of what a player is worth and whether they live up to the expectations that come with signing a contract, fans need to respect their choices. They may backfire, or they might work out, but it’s their decision to try to maximize their earnings. In a league where players are discarded and there’s a new batch coming in every year, they need to make the most out of the opportunity to cash in.

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There’s another situation that arises from players wanting to make a living. Fans tell them what they should make. No grown-up should tell others what to do with their finances. Although players don’t likely take advice from fanbases, the latter group asks them to think of the team, to take less money, or to give money back when they underperform.

Surprisingly, players are supportive of each other when one holds out or wants to maximize his earning power. In rare cases when one criticizes a colleague of theirs, the backlash will be loud. Going back to Jacobs, some characterized him as avaricious. Ironically, the running back struggled growing up and slept in a car with his dad through college. He worked for an opportunity and he earned it. There was nothing greedy about it.

Fans cheer players when they have success in the field. It shouldn’t be different if they thrive on the field. Last year it was Jacobs, it may be someone else this year. If that’s the case, we should respect it.

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1 thought on “Raiders Rookies Have Right to Hold Out”

  1. The QB known as #2 held out too. This is not the time For some rookie to be messing with the team’s fortunes.

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