Will Raiders Regret Not Giving Cam Newton a Shot as Backup?

It is now obvious that the Las Vegas Raiders intend to roll with Derek Carr as starting quarterback in 2020. That being said, did the team make the right call by not bringing in Cam Newton as a backup?

It’s likely that Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock truly wanted to push Carr this upcoming season. Yet, Marcus Mariota isn’t the answer for that. Why did they not bring in a veteran signal-caller that has accomplished more than Carr instead. That’s not a slight on Mariota but rather indicative of Newton’s past accomplishments. So far, Mariota, the second overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, has seen his career fizzle out.

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Newton, on the other hand, is a former NFL MVP, All-Pro, and three-time Pro Bowler who somehow is still an NFL free agent. Even with injuries catching up to the former Panthers quarterback, the upside is still there for him to be a good backup. Especially if he’s fired up for an opportunity. Recently, Newton showed off his arm strength and accuracy on his Instagram account. Carr wouldn’t be afraid of a little competition now, would he?

Raiders: Newton’s Resume

Another quality that Newton would’ve brought is playoff experience, something that Carr has none of, all of his individual stats notwithstanding. Take a brief look back at 2018. That was Newton’s last season in which he started at least 14 games. That year, he had a quarterback rating of 94.2 and threw for 24 touchdowns. Newton’s percentage of bad throws per attempt was 13.7 that season. In addition, he only had 62 poor throws compared to Carr’s 66 that year.

No one is suggesting that Newton should’ve been signed as the Day 1 starter. Instead, if Raiders’ brass truly wanted to push Carr, singing a former league MVP would’ve been more constructive. What are your thoughts Raider Nation?

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12 thoughts on “Will Raiders Regret Not Giving Cam Newton a Shot as Backup?”

  1. I’m sure that both Gruden and Mayock did what is best for the team, why would you think you know better? Newton is washed up and a locker room cancer, this is why nobody is reaching out to him.

  2. Just like the discussion for Clowney. It’s a waste of your space and our time. F*** no they shouldn’t

  3. Tired of all the qb speculation. Months ago, it was already decided Carr was the starter. Let it go!

    1. Article has to with Cam being brought in as a backup, to compete. Thanks for weighing in though, cheers 🍻

  4. Mario, I’m a fan of RaiderRamble but with this article, you are sounding like Mike Freeman… well, at least minus the gratuitous Kapernick reference.

    First, the narrative that the Raiders, or Jon Gruden have been looking to move on from Carr is played out. They have had chance after chance to sign someone else, the media has played it up, and still we have Carr as our QB1. Gruden and Mayock both like him, and are now giving him adequate tools. Mariota was brought in as insurance against the type of thing that happened in 2016, and we had to play with Connor Cook under center.

    It’s interesting that in one breath so many want to say that the Raiders had one of the worst WR corps in the NFL in 2019 and then rip Carr for being such a mediocre QB while throwing for 4,000 yards and 70% comp percentage. You can’t have it both ways… those numbers, with his Dumpster fire of a WR room most of the year speaks more to his elite level than anything. For those wanting more deep balls like the Raiders of old, that’s not what Gruden does. Not at any point in his coaching career has he been a gunslinger coach. He is pure West Coast Offense which is based around the short passing game. Now that Carr has Ruggs, that speed “could”open up things if Gruden adjusts his play design and calling. Last year was the first time since 2016 that Carr played under the same system for two years.

    If Gruden gets more creative, allows Carr to be more creative and aggressive, Carr will reach 5,000 yards, and will be back in MVP form like in 2016. And your question about Cam will look even more silly than it does right now.

    1. Considering Mike Freeman is a success as a sports writer, I thank you for the comparison. It’s quite the honor.

      I never once said Cam should’ve replaced Carr. Cam would’ve been a good backup considering his experience and achievements, Mariota has been bust in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for weighing in though, appreciate the feedback.

  5. I wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion. At this point in his career, Cam appears to have succumbed to all of his injuries. He is certainly not the same athlete and there have been questions about his leadership and locker room presence. He is too much of a wild card at this point and not worth the potential headache. Mariota is a much safer choice with plenty of upside. I like our back-up and feel confident about him stepping in due to injuries or lack of productivity by Carr. Only time will tell, if we made the right choice!

  6. He wasn’t a free agent at the time they signed Mariota he was still on the Carolina Panthers so this is a moot point

  7. More idiotic click bait from your writers. Newton is unreliable, a potential locker room distraction and way too expensive. The whole premise is patently absurd.

  8. I would have preferred to see them shop a trade for Carr and then try to sign Cam and still bring in Mariota as a backup. But if we’re asking who would have been better for the backup job I think it’s Mariota. Cam would have beat Carr outright and then you’re stuck with a $20+ million backup

Let us know your thoughts, Raider Nation!

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