Does Del Rio’s Latest Rant Prove Raiders Made Right Call?

Given the fiery political climate and how divided the United States finds itself, perhaps it was the right move for the Las Vegas Raiders to have moved on from Jack Del Rio. Oh, and spare me the “stick to sports” commentary. If not, read on.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must know what’s currently going on in this country. There’s a pandemic, nationwide protests against police brutality, and lastly, a Presidential election looms large. So why on Earth would you mix some of these polarizing factors with a new job? Well, in Jack Del Rio’s defense, he’s true to his convictions. He supports Donald Trump and quite literally told everyone to kiss his ass on Twitter if they take offense on him being “100% for America.” Fair enough coach.

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Out Of Touch?

As far as the Raiders are concerned, did they make the right call when they fired Del Rio? To be clear, Del Rio was fired for his on-field shortcomings. After their successful 2016 campaign, the wheels fell off in a season dominated by player protests against police brutality, not the flag as many seem to believe. After a disastrous game against the Washington Redskins that season, the Raiders never recovered.

Josh Schrock of NBC Sports recently spotlighted Del Rio’s Twitter rant, which only shows how interesting this development really is.

“Del Rio’s tweets came a few days after Trump said he wouldn’t watch the NFL if players kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality and systemic racism. Washington running back Adrian Peterson is one of the players who has said he will take a knee next season, along with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, among others.”

Well This Is Awkward…

Adrian Peterson, who plays on Del Rio’s new team, has said he will kneel next season. An awkward position, considering Del Rio’s stance and the state of current affairs.

Maybe all things considered it’s best the Raiders don’t have such an outspoken coach right now. There’s enough debate with Derek Carr on a daily basis with Raider Nation. Adding a coach that so openly and publicly supports the president could be a disaster all things considered.

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The angry mob says you can’t support the president? LoL The NFL is out of touch with the fans. We dont want to see the political crap on the field. Kneel on your own time. We the fans untimely provide views and dollars to the NFL. Kneel down to the fans! And blow while you’re down there.

Dick Enya

This article is ridiculous n how inappropriate n unprofessional it is for you using what Del Rio swid n turning it into something it clearly is not n further suggesting that Raiders made rite move taking cheap shots at Del Rios character. U should b ashame of such trash. N lets b clear Del Rio did much better job than Gruden n if any character deserves shots its Gruden n his HORRIBLE performance as so-called Coach

You shouldn’t hire or fire coaches for their political beliefs. Not in the US, anyway; this line of thinking is more at home in the old Soviet Union


I stand with Del Rio

Brian B

Worse piece I read in awhile. Everyone is entitled to there opinions. Trump won so that shows alot of America stands with trump. Yet you act like no one does. And none of this should effect his ability to coach


Wow. It’s okay to be a Support Sanders the Socialist but not Trump. I am not even a Trump supporter, but what hateful garbage you spew. A totalitarian government would be better for you. And maybe they would teach you how to write??

Neal Olson

I agree with Jack.

Neal Olson

that is a good question.they have not seen that kind of success since he left.