Does Del Rio’s Latest Rant Prove Raiders Made Right Call?

Given the fiery political climate and how divided the United States finds itself, perhaps it was the right move for the Las Vegas Raiders to have moved on from Jack Del Rio. Oh, and spare me the “stick to sports” commentary. If not, read on.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must know what’s currently going on in this country. There’s a pandemic, nationwide protests against police brutality, and lastly, a Presidential election looms large. So why on Earth would you mix some of these polarizing factors with a new job? Well, in Jack Del Rio’s defense, he’s true to his convictions. He supports Donald Trump and quite literally told everyone to kiss his ass on Twitter if they take offense on him being “100% for America.” Fair enough coach.

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Out Of Touch?

As far as the Raiders are concerned, did they make the right call when they fired Del Rio? To be clear, Del Rio was fired for his on-field shortcomings. After their successful 2016 campaign, the wheels fell off in a season dominated by player protests against police brutality, not the flag as many seem to believe. After a disastrous game against the Washington Redskins that season, the Raiders never recovered.

Josh Schrock of NBC Sports recently spotlighted Del Rio’s Twitter rant, which only shows how interesting this development really is.

“Del Rio’s tweets came a few days after Trump said he wouldn’t watch the NFL if players kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality and systemic racism. Washington running back Adrian Peterson is one of the players who has said he will take a knee next season, along with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, among others.”

Well This Is Awkward…

Adrian Peterson, who plays on Del Rio’s new team, has said he will kneel next season. An awkward position, considering Del Rio’s stance and the state of current affairs.

Maybe all things considered it’s best the Raiders don’t have such an outspoken coach right now. There’s enough debate with Derek Carr on a daily basis with Raider Nation. Adding a coach that so openly and publicly supports the president could be a disaster all things considered.

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75 thoughts on “Does Del Rio’s Latest Rant Prove Raiders Made Right Call?”

  1. The record shows that JDR, whom i supported 100% early on during his stint with OAK, opted to rest on this team’s *laurels* after their surprising ’16 run to the playoffs. JDR as well as key members of the OL had their contracts renewed with hefty pay raises, i.e., Osemele, and the entire team just assumed that they were on their way to another playoff run. IOW, they got complacent, fat and sassy.

    Well, ‘Reality Bites’: Chucky’s little brother punched them in the mouth on national tv and JDR’s team slunk off to mend their broken egos while JDR did nothing to get them out of their funk. Result: terrible backslide for ’17.

    Getting rid of JDR isn’t/wasn’t a problem; paying him $20 Million to go away just shows the poor judgement of Mr. Davis, whose only saving move was managing to hire JGruden back to re-configure/rebuild this franchise.

  2. Yes, stick with sports and STOP the race bullshit, tired of reading about it! When I turn on or open up something concerning sports, that is exactly what I want to watch or read about, not some agenda driven reporter talking about how bad racism is in America, it’s not, we have primarily a few bad cop issue and a leadership issue.

  3. Daniel Phantom

    I stand with Black Jack. To the hack who penned this garbage, how about in the name of being against police brutality, I come to your house and burn it down? No I’m not hurting anyone I’m protesting because you have a house and others dont. Now it’s okay. Please. STFU and stand the F up for your country how about that you Marxist piece of crap!

  4. The author should stick to his political ramblings because his sports analysis sucks and is completely shortsighted.

  5. So, cancel culture? Correct? If somebody disagrees with your beliefs, they shouldn’t have a job? Pathetic.

  6. This is a garbage post, you fail to mention that JDR got together with his team to figure out the best way to help them get their message across. They were going to just stay in the locker room during the anthem until the league said they would be fined and they had to improvise after that. Loving America is t racist. You are supposed to be proud of your country and strive to make it better. Writing crap like this will only burn it down. Be a good journalist and vet your sources before you stir up a hornets nest. Op-Eds have no place in politics, only facts.

  7. Victor Gallardo

    Don’t know why Jack doesn’t have a sense for BLM & other social issues. As a young kid he got to hang w his dads friend, Reggie J. and others from the team . Hayward was considered a white community but with all the team he played on he must have a few friends from h/school that are Black. How his love for trumputo happened must be from SC.

  8. I guarentee that if Del Rio was anti Trump and “ranted” he would be loved and glorified. But obviously, people can’t have their own opinion and support their president, people can’t disagree with others’ beliefs cause then they are racist. I give him props for having the courage to speak his mind. WAY TO GO COACH!!!!

  9. Well you seemed to have failed on the unbiased attempt. The guy can’t support a President or a viewpoint that over half the country obviously has which includes people of every color and ethnicity. This whole thing isn’t about white and black as the powerful people want the masses to believe. It is about whether the best country on Earth (why others wish they could immigrate here) will go down with the Marxists on the left. Sports is irrelevant at this point which the NFL and every other sport will soon find out. Personally I am tuning out as much I enjoy every sport.

  10. robert guadagna

    Poorly written article, Del Rio would have won a super bowl!! Only smart people voted for Trump. Every time you insult President Trump, you insult me and all the Raider fans, so you can kiss my ass too!! Been a fan since 1968, I’ll never watch fake sports again!!

  11. What in the hell is wrong with people. It is now a crime to be a Republican, and like President Trump?

  12. Anthony T Propst

    Jack Del Rio has the same rights as anyone else to speak their mind. If you dont agree , good for you. And like he said, Kiss My Ass. USA is great and thankyou to our President Trump for making it great again.

    1. Anyone can speak their minds, it’s still a free country. Interesting to see you believe he’s made it great again. Then again, everyone has different points of view and optics.

  13. In our country it is called freedom of speech. Rioters are no longer upset with the police brutality. Because if you do the statics on it and less then 1% of cops are crappie. But radicals are destroying other people’s property. They are destroying our history right or wrong with the statutes. These groups have no concerns over black lives. Look at Chicago Father’s day weekend. Where are the protesters?
    Let’s say the Chiefs, Broncos fans decide they want to destroy the Raiders new headquarters and stadium. Then every Raiders fan must bow down to them and say we are sorry winning games in the past. What would you do?
    We have freedom of speech no matter who you are.

  14. I feel that they didn’t give Del Rio an opportunity to establish a winning team. Had Carr not gotten injured and the Raiders went on to win the super bowl, Jack would have still been the coach.

  15. I have been a Raiders fan 45 yrs if Del Rio’s was with the Raiders today i would no longer be and Raiders fan and i lived silver and black but that’s a pill can’t take

  16. Wow, what is this Clown saying? You have to be LIBERAL and SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR to be employed by the NFL.

  17. Conflating ‘trump supporter’ with racist is weak sauce. I would say his detractors are more obsessed with race by a long shot. If you’re obsessed with race…I’d say that makes you a racist. Now JDR has a losing record as a HC. That’s why I didn’t like him. Y’all are a bunch of Marxists and you make me sick. See you on the battlefield commies.

  18. Is it not allowed to be a Trump supporter and a Raider fan or coach? I am both, Mario doesnt seem to think that’s possible, glad I dont follow this Raider feed…

  19. You suck Mario tovar. Jack del Rio can support whoever he wants for president you idiot. It doesn’t make him a racist because he supports America. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions. You guys are such thin skinned sissies. You guys and your rants against Trump are pathetic. He can vote for whoever he wants too. He doesn’t need to get your approval to make his vote for president. There’s nothing wrong with voting for Trump. The raiders should have fired him cause he voted for Trump according to you. Well your a idiot Mario. What a loser Mario is. Last time i ever read any more garbage articles you write.

  20. I support Trump. I’m not a racist. Can we get back to the business of football!!! Politics and sports don’t mix!

  21. “I wish these old racists would stay off twitter” Right. Because everyone who votes Republican is a “racist”. The same way everyone who votes Democrat is a socialist. I wish idiots who dont have a clue would stay off Twitter. Im Latino, a Republican and definitely not racist.

  22. Since when it it a bad thing to support the President of the United States? What makes him a bad person/President? I don’t want to hear about the past.

    I want to hear what He has done that so wrong for the American people since 2016.

    Since Pappa Bush EVERY president has sold out the American people. Only since the pandemic do we realize how dependent we are on China.

  23. I went to high school in Hayward same time as Jack he is & was a racist! Most Trump supporters who aren’t proud racist don’t even realize there racist. Trump is worst President ever. Killing more people then the police with his bundling of Covid now more then 2 dozen secret service agents & 9 of Trumps staffers test positive for Covid after his failed Tulsa rally where he made people sign waivers. Brainwashed Republicans to not wear mask & openly said he loves his uneducated supporters & when he was a Democrat said if he ran for President lt would be as Republican because there so stupid they believe anything & that he could shoot someone in the face on 5th Ave & his supporters would still defend him. Only time the Liar & Chief told the truth. You love Trump you don’t love America & are idiots. Get out of Raider Nation don’t want or need racist!

  24. Since when the hell is it wrong to support your president and be proud of your country? If that’s wrong then they can all kiss my ass as well Right on Jack DelRIO🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😁

  25. Bruce Aguilar

    Well, God forbid!! He supports the President of the United States????? How earth shattering. Keep up the media gestapo’s Big Lie! It worked for Adolf it can work for Biden too!

  26. Amazing how Trump supporters claim to be the Patriots & true Americans but 100% put party above country. Del Rio is Supporting a racist liar that called his players SOB’s for peacefully protesting racial injustice not the flag or military. Most of these Trump supporting post who blindly support him are not even Raiders fans my Raider Nation brothers aren’t that stupid!

  27. Jack can have his own opinion. How dare someone support the President of the USA?? Lets support Kap who wears socks with Cops as pigs on them and then opting out of his contract only to make millions through endorsements (poor Kap) from Nike..a company who is a leader in oppression paying people cents an hour at sweat shops in Asia. How dare Jack be proud to be American…not every Republican is a racist and apparently not every person who writes should be posting their articles online…Another crap article by Maurice Tavon or whatever his name is….

  28. Really pathetic reach at racism. If you feel that was a “rant”, then the safe space at you school ruined you.

  29. Good for Jack! Sorry it didn’t work out here for him, hope he does great in his job. Let’s see how sympathetic others are to his views.
    Or, should they commit a hate crime on him excused by the flag of ‘social justice’? Hope not. He’s brave to say what he did.

  30. I like Trump also. I’ve been a Raider fan since 72. Shut the eff up and play ball. Eff kneeling that part of the game I won’t watch. I’ll turn every game on 10 minutes after the start and mute any racist BLM talk.

  31. First of all, I wasn’t a JDR fan when he was our coach. That being said, you’ve got to be a special kind of moron to take offense with what he said. Since when is loving one’s country a negative thing? You need your head checked if you see patriotism as a bad quality. Secondly, nothing he tweeted said anything about Trump, but even if it did, who cares? The man is entitled to his own opinion concerning politics. Who are you to try to crucify him because he doesn’t agree with your politics?

  32. trump made a huge deal of kneeling for the anthem. If you’re offended by someone kneeling, grow the hell up. No, being a republican doesn’t make you racist nor does being a trump supporter. The fact of the matter is that if a coach is against kneeling, it most likely is going to cause tension in the locker room with the players and is a distraction to the team. Not saying JDR doesn’t support peaceful protest but 100% if his political views get in the way of coaching then it’s an issue. Fair question to ask if he was our coach but this article feels clickbait since he hasn’t even been part of the team for a few years!

  33. I’m sorry, when did being 100% pro-America and tired of your history being erased become not ok? Del Río got canned because he was not producing. I would hope that we haven’t become the Soviet Union, where your opportunity to Make a living depends on your adherence to party irthodoxy.

    1. Clearly the context of the article is lost on you, it stated he was let go for not producing. In hindsight though, to have such an outspoken coach right now would’ve been counterproductive. If saying that makes me a ‘Marxist” then so be it 😂🤣

  34. Only morons don’t realize that criticizing the author for his opinion & criticizing Kap & peaceful protesters BLM is being racist, insensitive & stupid. Basically saying so what people of color are being unfairly killed. Our country don’t need change & Trump is always right when lies & being racist just play football & shut up! Not anymore new world new times don’t like it leave the country cowards!

  35. JDR has as much right to say what he said as any flag-hating kneeler has to say what they’re saying. This cancel-culture has gone far enough. The first amendment to the US Constitution gives us ALL the right of free speech!

  36. Let’s look at what went wrong after 2016. Game 3 2017 vs Redskins.. Team took a knee, except Carr, for religious reasons. Only kneels before God.. then the Game. The whole game Offensive line, opened up like the Red Sea for Moses! Carr was sacked 6 times knocked down another 5. Against one of the worst Defences in the league. After Raiders O-line only gave up 7 sacks in 2016! Payback for Carr not kneeling. Even Though He stood next MACK with his hand on his shoulder. Of course Carr took the beating which of course led to Injuries. He has never returned to 2016 form. 2017, could’ve been a Great Year, if the O-line hadn’t made a Political Statement on the field. When team leaders should have had a meeting to discuss the situation like Men. I for one am happy Gruden got rid of most involved.

  37. So, to say that you love America is out of touch? Good on him! And, I wish many more would take a stand like he is.
    I’ve already decided I’m boycotting the nfl

    1. Clearly the context of the article is lost on you, it stated he was let go for not producing. In hindsight though, to have such an outspoken coach right now would’ve been counterproductive.

  38. I’m confused…. what the hell is wrong with his statement?!?!?
    Agree, we have a problem with racism & excessive use of force with law enforcement in our country…. among many other problems.
    But if it’s ok to kneel during the national anthem to protest these issues, isn’t it ok if you choose to stand in honor & respect for our country? That certainly does not make one a racist, as you’d like to make it. Just as kneeling doesn’t make you anti America!

  39. Maybe it best Raiders don’t have such an outspoken Coach…What a crock of S***..But it’s ok to speak about Libreal Politics

  40. Kind of funny the authors responses to most the comments that don’t agree with his point. Reminds me of an ex of mine when I’d tell her no… Psycho. Raider4Life

  41. The angry mob says you can’t support the president? LoL The NFL is out of touch with the fans. We dont want to see the political crap on the field. Kneel on your own time. We the fans untimely provide views and dollars to the NFL. Kneel down to the fans! And blow while you’re down there.

  42. This article is ridiculous n how inappropriate n unprofessional it is for you using what Del Rio swid n turning it into something it clearly is not n further suggesting that Raiders made rite move taking cheap shots at Del Rios character. U should b ashame of such trash. N lets b clear Del Rio did much better job than Gruden n if any character deserves shots its Gruden n his HORRIBLE performance as so-called Coach

  43. Worse piece I read in awhile. Everyone is entitled to there opinions. Trump won so that shows alot of America stands with trump. Yet you act like no one does. And none of this should effect his ability to coach

  44. Wow. It’s okay to be a Support Sanders the Socialist but not Trump. I am not even a Trump supporter, but what hateful garbage you spew. A totalitarian government would be better for you. And maybe they would teach you how to write??

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