Raiders Legend Rod Woodson’s Attitude May Be Rubbing NFL Teams The Wrong Way

Raiders legend Rod Woodson had an illustrious career in the NFL, first as a cornerback and later as a safety. Nevertheless, the Hall-of-Fame defensive back hasn’t seen the same degree of success in his coaching career.

Woodson joined the Raiders staff as an assistant coach in 2015. He would later be promoted to cornerbacks coach in 2017. That was the last year he would have a coaching gig in the NFL. Since then, he hasn’t been able to find a job in the coaching ranks. He thinks that his Hall-of-Fame resume may have something to do with that scarcity of opportunities.

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What did the former Raiders legend say?

In a recent interview with TMZ, Woodson attributes the dearth of chances to his Hall-of-Fame career.

I think it’ll be more difficult for Hall of Famers to get in it and stay in it. Just for the fact that most of the coaches don’t like that respect leaving that room or that area and going to somewhere else.

Woodson says head coaches may see him as a threat to their job, but that isn’t the case. The former cornerback mentioned he wouldn’t undermine his coach’s authority.

And I’m not a real alpha where I want somebody’s job. I just want to — I just love talking ball.

Woodson believes that’s the main reason for him not having employment. In the same conversation, he shot down racial discrimination and work ethic as factors.

Is Woodson into Something?

Woodson has a point when it comes to how insecure and egocentric coaches or anyone in positions of power can be. Some might see people with the same level of expertise as a threat to their job. However, short-sighted that may be, others would surely welcome any Hall-of-Fame experience. Just like there are those who are afraid of strong personalities, there are those who want as much talent as possible. They aren’t scared of the energy and knowledge their equals can bring to the table. Also, Woodson doesn’t point out any specific examples.

Somewhere in the interview, he brings up Ed Reed and says he suffers from the same bias. However, it sounds more like a theory than an actual fact.

That Alpha male comment could also turn off potential employers. If Woodson isn’t “an alpha” as he himself says, why even mention it? He should let others other make up their mind about it. Chiefs Eric Bieniemy’s been passed over for head coaching gigs several times and he seems pretty chill about it. After all, he says “everything will work out for the best when everything is said and done.” Woodson should follow Bieniemy’s approach, and just keep waiting for the right opportunity.

A Scorned Lover

Another reason why Woodson isn’t seeing many coaching jobs his way might be because of how the way he reacted once the Raiders fired him.

Woodson definitely sound like a scorned lover. First, he bashes the Raiders for signing Jordy Nelson and later, he goes after head coach Jon Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr. Although he had some valid points, it isn’t what he said, but how he said. He could’ve been more balanced in his assessment but instead, he did nothing but bash the Raiders.

Potential employers can look at Woodson’s comments and decide against hiring him. After all, if they show him the door or things are going sour, what’s stopping him from acting the same way?

It’s good that Woodson is looking for answers regarding his coaching in the NFL. Nonetheless, he shouldn’t stop there. He needs to also question his “I may be better than them, but I’m not” mentality. Meanwhile, he needs to keep waiting and working hard if that’s what he really wants.

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Top Photo: Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group

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