Raiders QB Derek Carr Has Brought Disrespect Upon Himself

Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr, spoke his mind during a team press interview on Tuesday. The highlight of the conference was his “I’m tired of being disrespected” statement. Since then, the quarterback’s state of being has reverberated throughout the sports world, and those words will now hang over the Silver and Black captain as he enters the 2020 regular season.

Derek Carr Contradicts Himself

Derek Carr’s upbeat demeanor faltered on Tuesday with this statement during a team press conference.

The disrespect that the Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback is referring to is not that of the organization.

If it’s not disrespect from the team, then why should it matter? Just three months ago, the veteran quarterback told The Athletic’s Vic Tafur that he doesn’t care what others have to say.

“I don’t want to waste one second on that negativity when I am trying to win a Super Bowl, if that makes sense. I have one goal and that is to win the Raiders a championship, multiple championships, and your negativity isn’t helping me.”

So what changed between May and Tuesday? Nobody is sure what transpired between now and then. However, the words of the former second-round draft pick have only frustrated some Raider fans even more.

Moreover, instead of a just a fractioned Raiders fanbase criticizing him, Carr has now brought national attention upon himself.

National Blowback

If Carr thought he was disrespected before Tuesday, it may be in his best interest to avoid various national media outlets for some time. Many analysts and pundits have been mute on Las Vegas’ quarterback this offseason, but his recent statement garnered the attention of many.

First, former Indianapolis Colts All-Pro center Jeff Saturday weighed in on the matter on ESPN’s First Take.

Second, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms dug into the issue.

Likewise, Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt eloquently described the matter as best as anyone.

Brandt’s closing statement of “If you (Derek Carr) don’t win this year, they’re (critics) right.” hits the nail on the head. Ultimately, Derek has placed an unprecedented amount of pressure on himself this upcoming season.

The Truth Cuts Both Ways

As the team enters a new venue in Las Vegas, there is little prohibiting Derek Carr from becoming a top tier quarterback in 2020. The organization has surrounded him with numerous dynamic offensive skill players. The offensive line is one of the largest, and best in the entire NFL. The defense has acquired quality free agents and added promising young talent. For him to say that he feels disrespected from those on the outside is a sign of insecurity.

If external forces cause Carr this much grief off the field, who is to say that opponents on the field can’t do the same? All in all, he has brought more ‘disrespect’ upon himself with his recent statements; as if the Silver and Black don’t have enough to worry about as they enter 2020.

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Top Photo by Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

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5 thoughts on “Raiders QB Derek Carr Has Brought Disrespect Upon Himself”

  1. Blah blah.. haters gonna hate.. this guys always down on carr.. likes colin sack or pick..rated it a negative(like this guys attitude)but it wouldn’t
    Let me

  2. Leave the guy alone man he is doing every good job if you think you can do better get your f****** ass out there quit complaining from a small town close to fresno

  3. The only difference in the Raiders since they drafted Derek Carr is that the revolving door of players, coaches, and front office personnel has excluded the QB, whereas is the past, everyone was jettisoned after a year or two or three of losing. He’s watched dozens of players come and go and has a new cast of characters to get accustomed to every year. This year things look more promising for the Raiders from a talent perspective, but playing in the toned-down atmosphere of near-empty stadiums while the country struggles through the most politically and economically challenging times in recent history is an X factor whose effect on each team cannot be predicted. Therefore, despite all the talk of having no excuses for losing, this year, there are plenty of distracting events bigger than football happening daily that effect everyone…….including those who may be considered more insulated from those events. This year’s formula for success includes a heavier dose of focus to complement any team’s talent.

  4. I understand how he feels. That being said you have a ton of weapons now. It’s go time one way or the other!

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