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These 3 Issues Could Hurt Las Vegas Raiders Down The Road

Last weekend, the Las Vegas Raiders suffered a 45-20 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home this weekend. If they don’t want to lose back-to-back games when they face the Cleveland Browns, they will have to address these situations. After all, they contributed to their latest loss and could keep haunting them down the road.

The defense can’t stop anyone

The Raiders defense looked completely helpless against quarterback Tom Brady and the ‘Bucs’. They were totally outmatched in coverage and their defensive line generated almost no pressure whatsoever. The Raiders will be lucky to be a .500 team if the unit does not start playing somewhat competently. If the defense can turn in an average performance, the sky will be the limit for the Silver and Black. For that to happen something major has to change, fast.

The Las Vegas Raiders need another receiver

Henry Ruggs III is a dynamic playmaker, but he is not at a point where the Raiders can trust him to haul in eight to ten catches per game. We all saw against the ‘Bucs’ what happens when Nelson Agholor becomes more than just a complementary piece. Meanwhile, Hunter Renfrow is a slot specialist. Bryan Edwards is currently a question mark in terms of both health and production and Zay Jones is nowhere to be found. Do the Silver and Black need another receiver? Maybe, maybe not. However, Tampa Bay clearly has even less of a need at that position. They just signed a former All-Pro receiver, albeit an unstable one (not going to say the name). Just throwing that out there.

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Watching Brandon Parker is painful

This one hurts but we have to say it: Brandon Parker is likely the least fundamentally sound offensive linemen in the NFL right now. Stepping on Josh Jacobs was arguably his most forgivable offense. The penalties are bad, but they are a symptom of a much worse issue. He does not know how to properly play the position.

He still cheats back on pass plays. That was an issue he had back in his rookie year and something that egregious should have been extinguished by the time he finished college. It is unacceptable that he hasn’t corrected this flaw yet even though he is in his third year in the league. It absolutely baffles us that he is still on an NFL roster. Trent Brown and/or Sam Young cannot come back soon enough.

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