Raiders vs Chiefs: A Rivalry Renewed And Steaming Up

The Raiders vs Chiefs rivalry is an old one

Everyone who is involved with the Raiders or the Chiefs knows one thing. They don’t like each other. Players have switched battle sides before, and a couple of the biggest ones are Marcus Allen going to Kansas City and Rich Gannon coming to the Silver and Black.

It’s a historic rivalry with big games, crazy moments, and heated battles. However, Kansas City has dominated since 2013, winning 12 out of three games, and has been the superior team more often than not. This season though, the Raiders made a big statement at Arrowhead Stadium and it seems like this struck a nerve with the Chiefs organization and fan base. 

The Silver and Black tipped the scale in Week 5

In Week 5, the Raiders were coming off two straight bad losses and all signs pointed to a beatdown. The game started off like this was going to be a beatdown following a Derek Carr interception. In previous years, things would spiral out of control, but not this season, this one was different.

The Raiders quarterback followed his interception with a bomb to wide receiver Nelson Agholor for a touchdown. The Chiefs scored back and this Las Vegas team again scored right back. Then, Carr hit Henry Ruggs III before the half to put them up. At that moment, you started to sense they could pull it off.

​The game went into a standstill in the third but then, the Raiders took a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs did score a touchdown and two-point conversion. Nevertheless, they couldn’t stop them from running the clock out and taking home the victory. What has followed since that game has reignited the rivalry aimong the fan bases. There’s an old adage that says the NFL is better when the Raiders are good.

The Raiders are currently 6-3 and riding a three-game winning streak, so yeah, they’re good. This rivalry makes the league better as well. This is a classic rivalry and sparks so much emotion among the fans. It has stuck to the Silver and Black fan bases nerves and soul how the Chiefs have dominated them, but with their latest win, the fan bases have come out swinging at each other on social media.

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This is going to be a huge game

The Chiefs fan base didn’t take Raiders taking a victory lap around Arrowhead too kindly. Head coach Jon Gruden said it was a get back to the bus driver, who was mocking the Las Vegas team when they arrived.

The Chiefs have brought up the recent dominance and Super Bowl to say they’re better. Meanwhile, Raider Nation has responded by bringing up the Chiefs’ recent history. They actively wonder why the Week 5 loss bothers them so much.

Chiefs Twitter has sent out shots while the Silver and Black hasn’t said anything really. What the game showed was that the rivalry was just waiting to ignite and with so much talk come Sunday night it may erupt. Raider Nation is going to be loud throughout the world and will be loud on social media, the Chiefs will surely fire back. Sunday Night Football Raiders vs Chiefs, the Rivalry renewed!!!

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Top Photo: Ben Margot/Associated Press

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