Fans React to Highly Dissapointing Performance by Raiders QB Derek Carr

Despite playing some of his best football in 2020, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr played horribly in Atlanta. As always, Raider Nation had plenty to say.

After talk of possibly being an MVP candidate and deserving an extension, hype surrounding Carr came crashing down today. The offensive line struggled mightily and allowed five sacks. On top of that, the Raiders had 11 penalties and give up 141 yards in the process.

All around, it was an embarrassing and inept performance by the Silver and Black. This is frustrating when you consider how well the offense performed last weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs. It also didn’t help that the Raiders running game couldn’t get going in this matchup.

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As we all know though, everything always comes down to the quarterback’s play in the NFL. After a few weeks of positivity within Raider Nation, they came back with a fury today.

There Were Plenty Of Opinions On Raiders Loss

Raider Nation is never shy to let its feelings known, especially when it comes to Carr’s play.

It was an ugly performance and nothing went right on this one. Yes, this is a team sport but the quarterback is ultimately judged on how the team performs. Carr has had a carousel of coaches surrounding him his whole career but it definitely has become an old excuse.

The pick-six to Falcons Deion Jones also didn’t do Carr any favors. Even if it was to protect Carr from possible injury, benching your ‘franchise’ quarterback is never a good sign.

No matter how you want to spin it, the Raiders and Carr played horribly. What’s crucial moving forward is that this team put today’s loss behind them. They cannot afford to let this snowball and possibly ruin their season. This matchup had trap game potential written all over it, in the end, the Raiders fell right into it.

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5 thoughts on “Fans React to Highly Dissapointing Performance by Raiders QB Derek Carr”

  1. So many single out one person in a team sport,they even claim to be fans for life. A real fan doesn’t react like someone who just jumped on the wagon. Real fans for life(I’ve been a RAIDER fan 51years) know that it takes the whole team to win a game and don’t single out or point fingers at any player.We take our lumps just like we take our wins,one game at a time,so next time you sound like some who just just jumped the wagon remember”for life fans are the wagon No WHINERS!

  2. Raiders play flat let them walk all over them miscues mistakes Derek was holding the ball too long the Raider Nation was so so so so so deep in the stadium

  3. I am a Chiefs fan the Raiders is not going anywhere with Derek Carr he ain’t beat the Kansas City Chiefs but one time

  4. All the Blame goes on Greg Olsen And Paul Guenther. Bad play calls wtf stupid run play on 3rd and long when your behind You are fired ! Wtf you let Matt ryan score with no weapons no blitz packages nothing you are fired ! We want a new Offensive coordinator and wade phillips for Defensive coordinator

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