Raiders get blasted on social media after 30-27 loss to Chargers

The Las Vegas Raiders entered their Week 15 matchup needing to win out the rest of the season to make the playoffs. However, they ended up dropping their fourth game in the last five weeks. Moreover, their latest loss pretty much eliminated them from playoff contention this season.

The Raiders’ most recent loss hit a nerve

They started the season strong and won six of their first nine games. Rightfully, they started garnering national attention and recognition. Nevertheless, they have come crashing down in recent weeks and after losing to the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 15, they are now 7-7 and pretty much eliminated from playoff contention.

As recently as a couple of weeks ago, their odds of making the playoffs were high. However, they couldn’t capitalize on their chances and have lost two straight games. Things got so bad last week that they fired defensive coordinator Paul Guenther after giving up 44 points to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 14.

The Raiders have imploded in recent weeks and there are many reasons why. Their ineptitude on defense is among the top ones. The unit has been a liability all season long. Firing Guenther doesn’t really make much of a difference at this point of the season and looking back, it seemed like a desperate move. Had the team pulled the plug earlier, it would’ve made much sense, but now? Not so much.

Heading into this season, there was plenty of hype about how these Raiders were different and how they weren’t going to make many more excuses. Supposedly, this was going to be a different team, one that would qualify for the playoffs. After 16 weeks of football, we now know that’s not the case and these are the same Raiders of old.

What does Twitter have to say about the most recent loss?

Fans are frustrated, saddened, and angry, and rightfully so. After all, they have invested time and rooted for a team that has let them down once again, so it’s not surprising to see them express their disappointment on social media.

Of course, there’s a line, and fans should never cross it.

This Las Vegas team won’t have much to play for in the next two weeks, so it will be interesting to see how they play moving forward. Will they throw in the towel or close the season strong? How things unfold will likely shape their offseason.

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Top Photo: Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

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5 thoughts on “Raiders get blasted on social media after 30-27 loss to Chargers”

  1. Gabriel D. Martin

    Undisciplined, inconsistent, unable to play complimentary football, lapses in intensity, playing down to teams. The Offensive line had a bad game when a good game was needed the most. Mullen played horribly. The Safeties were non-existent, clock management was garbage. Mariota played a great game! If a few more players would have stepped up… Irrelevant, but I thought the Refs stuck it to us on at least three calls. That said, we didn’t deserve to win. One thing the Raiders team has not done in recent years is develop players.

  2. I’ll stay on the wagon, tough loss but no one stopped playing that’s the guys I want to see,so all you snivelers and whiners are more than welcome to switch teams. Us real fans are already thinking about next week! GO RAIDERS😎

  3. Raymundo Ramirez

    I coach, so I don’t usually like critiquing other coaches. However, if a coach is earning a 10 year, 100 Million Dollar contract, then that guy needs to have his team in the playoffs by year three, and competing for Superbowls by year four and five. Too many penalties on key downs… too many penalties period. That falls on the HC. If you are the highest paid coach in the league, you should have your team in the playoffs every year. This is frustrating.

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