Social media reacts to Raiders last minute 26-25 loss to Dolphins

The Las Vegas Raiders needed to beat the Miami Dolphins to keep their playoff hopes alive. For a moment, it looked like they were going to come out of the game with a win. Nevertheless, the ‘Phins’ had other plans and a last-minute field goal gave them their 10th victory of the year. 

The Raiders lost again… again

The Raiders scored a touchdown in the second possession of the game. However, the Dolphins limited them to three field goals until the fourth quarter, when quarterback Derek Carr connected with wide receiver Nelson Agholor for an 85-yard receiving touchdown. Down 16-22, Miami struck back, and running back Myles Gaskin caught a 59-yard touchdown reception that gave them a 26-25 lead.

This Las Vegas team then drove 71 yards and kicker Daniel Carlson nailed a 22-yard field goal. Nevertheless, the Dolphins weren’t done and answered back with a last-minute field goal that gave them the 26-25 win that effectively knocked the Raiders out of contention.

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Derek Carr and Jon Gruden are happy with their performance

After the game, head coach Jon Gruden said in a sit-down with the local media he was happy with his decisions but not the results. Carr echoed Gruden’s comments and mentioned that he was pleased with the way he played and how tough he was. He added that he did all he can do to win the game, which was certainly not enough if you watch the final scoreboard.

While Gruden just said that the Dolphins were the better team, ‘4’ said he is sick for the organization, his teammates, and the fans. He also confided that it’s frustrating to be excited to see the team winning just to see them squander the lead and lose.

Hearing Grudens, and Carr’s comments feels like a rinse-and-repeat kind of situation, something that isn’t lost on fans.

After all, it seems like every time the Raiders have lost, which has been quite often since 2018, they both have parroted the same lines over and over.

Looking back, there were better ways to spend the evening.

Don’t forget the Raiders gave Jon Gruden a ten-year $100 million contract.

Looking back, this loss might hurt for a while. However, there’s still a game left in the season and the Raiders can finish 8-8. It might not be much, but it has to account for something, right?

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Top Image: Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

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27 thoughts on “Social media reacts to Raiders last minute 26-25 loss to Dolphins”

  1. Reginald Swinson

    It seems like everytime the Raiders get to a 6 an 3 record we start to lose again n again n its like when we get in the red zone we cant score we settle for field goals all the time while other teams get TDs man that’s hurts us game after game n once again our secondary is horrible how do a guy get that wide open all the time I hope we do something to get it straight # RAIDER NATION..DONT GIVE UP

  2. The game was obviously fixed and the worst cover up I’ve ever seen! Really, have you ever seen someone stop dead in their tracks to avoid scoring a touchdown! Totally pathetic and won’t waste anymore time on The National Fixed League!

  3. Every year it’s the same old song and dance. This year hurts especially bad because the potential was there. With better coaches and a better coached team this team would have been in the playoffs. The easiest schedule after a brutal first half of the season and we stink it up. I say no more overpriced free agents that do not have a presence in the locker room. We need men to teach the boys how to win. New OC, new DC and linebackers coach next year.

  4. Again, Carr does not make plays. If it breaks down, forget about it. Can’t play a note without the sheet music. Gruden’s sheet music is very suspect and lacks creativity. You don’t have a package for Mariota?? Like in short yardage. (see NO). You use every weapon you have. Give credit to the team. Played hard.

  5. How can a coach getting paid that much smile everytime he loses a game. Hey,Mark he is really laughing at you because you are not going to fire him and the Gm.

  6. Jon Gruden needs to be fired Derek Carr traded and a host of other things hire Wade Phillip as DC and bring back DelRio

  7. Wow!!!!! I’m a Dolphins fan. First off, WHAT A B.S. INTERFERENCE CALL ON B.JONES. Secondly……. Thanks Chuckie doll!!!!!! Phins Up!!!??

  8. It’s unbelievable that the Raiders are so pathetic. Siv defense on two, and I’m just not feeling it today on offense is getting very old. Capri Suns and hugs are obviously not working for the Raiders staff.

  9. Where is Jack del Rio grooming had you years of trying you don’t to get it done you haven’t done better in the 7 and 9 season it’s time to go you didn’t do all that in Tampa Bay you just won the super bowl with the team that was already ready to go and you knew everything about the raiders at the time that’s the only reason you won after that you couldn’t do s*** bye bye gruden and the general manager and whoever’s calling the damn place

  10. Gruden is now all time leader in second half collapses. Carr threw the ball away 5 times in the redzone. Just a pitiful franchise from top to bottom

  11. A pathetic over paid washed up coach and a 7 year failure of a quarterback. Just a pitiful franchise from top to bottom

  12. Lets lightup the internet and demand Mark Davis. Replace Jon Gruden immediately. Any coach in the NFL would have already been fired for this teams performance. ” We got to play better” Is now a line of crap to feed the fans They are Fed up with Gruden his coaches and his chicken boy QB Derrick Carr get rid of al of them this offseason and soon if you have to Hire wade Phillips as GM. Let him get this ship off the REEF! Gruden take your lame Play call back to 1990 and you with it . We need Coaching staff that can “close the deal” not excuse makers

  13. Gruden thinks every week he get a 3 point lead and sit on it? Todays NFL has blown by you . He cannot even evaluate talent much less control the game flow. Loser go back to the booth with the rest of the EXPERTS

  14. Raiders fans are embarrassing. I’m ashamed to be forced in the same group as so many of y’all that are clueless. Gruden ain’t the problem. We are on the brink of serious contention because of Gruden, and Mayock. Just need to shore up the D, especially at LB, and we will be right back in the hunt for the foreseeable future. All y’all haters can just hop off, and go root for the Chiefs, or something. I don’t wanna seen y’all saying Raider Nation when we become a perennial playoff team starting next season.

  15. Gruden think about it 2nd string over the hill backup QB Fitzpatrick is no mahomes. Let hime try to drive 75 yards with a minute plus kick the extra point. You should be able to coach those second rate defensive players to stop a touchdown. Odds were not in favor of choice you made. Just admit it you blew the game and can not make bone head calls getting paid what you do

  16. Jon Gruden won a super bowl with the team Tony Dungy built , playing against the team he coached that Bill Callahan and Rich Gannon built, take that away he has never won on his own anywhere, he talks a good game but he sucks as a head coach.

  17. If you thought the Radars only lost to the Dolphins but what you don’t understand is that the Dolphins will be even better next year and they should have been better if they would have learned from the beginning how to play as a team like they are now but just wait until next year and then you will see the Dolphins you will be seeing for awhile to come because like it or not the miami Dolphins are back wait and see.

  18. Whether Mark Davis wants 2 admit it (prob doesnt) it is time 2 cut bait – Gruden needs 2 go n its that simple. Gruden has never been nor will ever b a great coach n that Raiders organization was once GREAT. In order 2 get back there it requires a GREAT coach n Gruden is not that. He believes he is but unfortunately not many others do n worse than that his results have never shown that.

  19. I’m a Dolphins fan but feel your pain, I dont get why he slid down at the goal line, that would have forced us to score a Td to win rather than a field goal however it cant all fall on Gruden, the offensive coordinator calls offensive plays so why is no one calling them out and only putting Gruden down? seems like the fingers should point other directions as well, glad Miami won and are still alive for a potential playoff spot but agree it seemed really strange that they passed up on a td which would have most likely sealed the game for the Raiders

  20. Dolphins Nation Orlando

    As a lifelong and longsuffering Dolphins fans, I feel your frustration and pain. Overall, it was a good game. Both teams played hard.
    In my opinion, what cost the game was the facemask penalty on the Dolphins final drive. It was flagrant. Don’t fault Chuckie. He’s a good coach. Stupid penalties will kill you every time. That goes across the board.

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