Are Raiders Better Off Starting QB Marcus Mariota In Week 17?

The Las Vegas Raiders have once again missed out on the NFL playoffs under head coach Jon Gruden. The question is, what should he do about the quarterback position? Particularly, should Marcus Mariota get the starting nod?

The team is coming off the heels of one of the most devastating losses in its recent history. It’s fair to wonder if Derek Carr should sit out the final game. The Silver and Black will be facing the Denver Broncos in essentially a meaningless game in Week 17.

Against the Miami Dolphins, Carr didn’t have his best game but he didn’t exactly keep the team from losing. His stat sheet was solid and went 21-of-34 passes for 336 yards and one touchdown.

However, the offense looked predictable, the conservative playcalling doesn’t help obviously. On top of the red zone struggles in the latter part of the season, the decision to continuously settle for field goals is highly dubious. As for ‘4’, if he’s indeed your starting quarterback moving forward, why risk a more serious injury? Also, the Raiders’ offense take on a whole new dimension when Mariota came in lieu of Carr against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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What should the Raiders do at quarterback?

Gruden’s priority regarding the quarterback position should be seeing what he really has in Mariota. With a full week of practice and the opposing Broncos defense preparing for Mariota, Gruden would see if ‘8’ could vie for the starting job in 2021. Let’s face it, Gruden has stuck with Carr this far, so it’d be unlikely for him to pull the plug.

The Raiders could also sit Carr and see if Mariota can be the starter next year. However, this is highly unlikely. Then again, Gruden was more aggressive once Mariota came in that Chargers game, perhaps the head coach sees something in ‘8’ as well.

It will be interesting how practice goes for the Raiders this week, no doubt the Mariota question will come up leading to this game once again.

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8 thoughts on “Are Raiders Better Off Starting QB Marcus Mariota In Week 17?”

  1. I like Derek Carr, But felt the season was lost a few games ago. Mariota should have played the Miami game and feel he should play the Denver game. Playing Mariota makes Gruden plan and call the game differently. If Carr plays, unfortunately, Gruden calls the same expected plays and the Raiders lose.

  2. I am tired of losing I didn’t think John gruden was going to change things that much because he started tearing the team down the Jack del Rio had built right off the bat had us losers for four more years I’m tired of it I’ve been a raiders fan since the 60s and I’m getting a little bit tired of this losing streak we’re like the laughing joke of the league $100 million coach come on man you could have put a lot of money into some players del Rio was doing a great job we did have that one bad year but you needed a different defensive coach which we’ve always needed a good defensive coach now do you think we might go get one now and yes we ought to start Mariota the last game of the season just to see what he’s got I like car but I’m sorry we keep losing we’ve got to do something

  3. I am for putting Mariota in saving the money on car get rid of him I know we like him he’s done good but has never really took us anywhere he can’t put the game on his back and win like number 8 can save us money put the money in the defense we got to do something guys this is getting ridiculous

  4. Seriously doubt that Gruden is going to turn away from Carr. Although he SHOULD take a good look at Mariota, going forward. He should have the best interest of the team in mind, but I would be surprised if didn’t start Carr in the season finale. Gruden is an egomaniac. Just move on already. You suck at drafting, coach selection, hell even play calling! Same damn record as Tom Cable! Man, what a waste of money and time.

  5. Gurden screwed up last week by not playing mariota who has more talent better arm and can really run. We will see how smart he is this weekend.

  6. Every saying Carr can’t put the team on his back and win like mariota?😂😂 Carr has the most game winning drives in his first 7 season in NFL history! It’s hard winning games when your defense is giving up 40+ points
    Carr put us in positions multiple times to win games but the defense couldn’t hold their own
    People talking about getting rid of Carr just like the running style Mariota brings but he can’t pass to save his life
    Rewatch the chargers game Mariota should’ve have at least 3 picks
    Carr is an intelligent QB and can make all the throws
    I put no blame on him this year the defense needs to pull its weight

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